Learn How To Make Money With Oxygen4Energy Scam

By: Kim Tarr

I was in Las Vegas last October for the MLSP annual event so we were walking around the mall and I saw an Oxygen Bar. It had been set up just like a drinking bar, except as opposed to people having beverages, these folks were breathing in oxygen. It had been the strangest thing that I've ever seen. But, I questioned individuals regarding it and they told me that they LOVED inhaling the oxygen. They said they just felt a lot better afterwards. I do believe they were sitting on the bar for approximately twenty minutes and you could select the flavored air that you desired!

Why air? This air might help when you are feeling sick, after working out, when you have a hangover, before bedtime, or anytime you are not feeling your best. The item is Oxygen enriched air and it is called truO2. In each container you will get up to 50 shots of 95% enriched air. There are approximately 5-10 uses per container. As long you as aren't breathing in oxygen all day at a time, this product is safe to use. truO2 is not a medical drug and therefore is not licensed by the FDA. truO2 is perfect for recreational only use and is not intended to cure or prevent any ailment.

You can find four ways to get started in this opportunity Investments range from $50 - $399. But, if you choose to get started in the $50 level, you will not be eligible for unilevel commissions your initial month unless you order more product. Obviously, the more expensive the package the more product you receive.

There are four ways to get paid. Direct retail sales happens when you can purchase product from the company for $5, however you can sell it for $9.95. Second, you can make a 20% profit if individuals go to the site and order product. Third, you can generate a commission as soon as you signup a person into the organization. Your profit will be different depending on what package they bought which range from $10 - $90. Lastly, we have the unilevel compensation plan. This is where you will build your re-occurring income. You can qualify for monthly reoccuring pay down 5 levels in your sales organization plus Infinity Bonuses of up to 3%.

If you decide to get involved in this company, I am hoping that you will be joining it in hopes of building a successful business. You see what typically happens in mlm is the fact that folks join the business, but they do not work. Some people think that all you need to do is tell a few friends about the biz opp and they're going to be rich. It is not that easy because not many are going to enlist in your company, so you have to get used to individuals telling you no. The subsequent problem arise when individuals run out of folks approach. This is the prefect opportunity to expand on the internet, in many cases the business person does ineffective marketing that brings about lost time and money and no signups.

The most effective kind of prospect are those who already believe in the network marketing business model and have already spent funds on an network marketing business. Also, how would you like to have individuals calling you about your organization instead of you having to chase people and post ads each day? My training teaches this! If you want to build a business to a 6 figure level, you will need individuals to speak to daily about your business. Learning internet marketing principals is vital to your success in order to have a life when you are building your business. Using online tools might help the process be automated, so that you can have more time doing the things which you love.

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