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It has been widely accepted that a well trained dog leads to a better relationship between owner and pet. Nothing is more joyous than the satisfaction of living with a pet who adores your family and is respectful of household rules and boundaries. Read this article to begin improving the relationship you have with your dog.

Some dogs bark when they're bored. When your dog is bored and barking because of it, you are the one who is to blame. Boredom barking means that your dog is not getting the amount of attention that they need to keep happy. To help him spend his energy, go on a walk or spend some time playing with him. When you are not home, you can distract them with chew toys.

If your dog is barking too much try to find out why they are doing it. If you know why you can stop it. For instance, if your pet barks when it sees visitors come into your house, have a friend go to your house more in order to address this type of behavior.

You need to get all of your household members involved in the training of your pet. You need to share your commands for the dog with your family members. There is no substitute for consistency in training dogs.

Consistently train your dog. If more than one member of your family is training your dog, be sure all people use the same commands, rewards and discipline. It will be easier for the dog if he or she learns only one particular command set and becomes accustomed to the response the behavior receives.

If you say your dog's name in reprimand, remember to also say it several times in praise to counteract the negative effect. You don't want to train your dog to be scared to come when called or to think you're mad every time you use its name.

Patience is of utmost importance when training a dog. Each dog has their own style of learning. There are dogs who take a long time to learn and others who pick it up right away. Patience is the most crucial virtue you could have when trying to train your dog.

Your dog shouldn't be leading you. Remember that you are the master, not him. When starting obedience training, utilize a training collar along with a short leash, and be sure to heel your dog when you walk and go through gates and doors ahead of the dog. Keep in mind that you are the one who is the leader in the relationship.

Start training your dog with some easy exercises. This will give them instant success and serve as a building block for your training regimen. This ensures your outcome is positive.

Some dogs are so scared of thunderstorms that they are literally a danger to themselves. If you have a dog with a thunder phobia, seek advice from the veterinarian. Your veterinarian may prescribe a light sedative that can be given to your pooch before a storm. Many people use this option as a last resort, but it is useful in treating the problem.

Always remain consistent when crate training any young pups. If you remove the pup from the crate, see to it that he has the means to go potty. Over time, the puppy will learn to wait until he is in this location.

Remain realistic about changing behaviors that have happened for years. It could take you some time to get a dog to stop jumping on people or sleeping on the couch if the dog has been doing this for years. If canine behaviors are addressed when dogs are still just pups, then behavior modification goes easier and faster.

Ensure you get your dog's attention using the same methods. For example, state your dog's name before giving a command. Using their name will help to personalize your command. Dogs know their name and will be attentive when you speak it.

Your dog needs to exercise its brain too. For dogs that do not have an issue with excessive chewing, canine puzzle toys may be enjoyable and may help it develop problem-solving skills. There is a variety of dog puzzle toys that will help your dog develop his full cognitive abilities.

Dogs who have something to do tend not to get into trouble, such as eating out of the trash can. Empty your trash frequently and don't put things they like, such as bones, in it. You may need to put your dog in a crate if you are going out or place the trash in an area he can't get to.

Often people are pleasantly surprised at how easily and quickly they can train their dog. The key is having the right attitude, a lot of patience and enough discipline to follow through. Successful canine training is achieved by people who have these three traits.

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