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By: Floren Neel

Get it straight here a plant house can be enough small to be fitted almost anywhere at the corner of your garden or it can be large enough to fit the needs of the market gardener. To be honest, a well-chosen greenhouse is perhaps one of the most significant additions for any home garden. Also, if you want to be self-reliant and wish to raise your own fresh fruits, vegetables and salads then a greenhouse (whether small or large) can help you in meeting your growing goals and needs. With even a small greenhouse you can grow the winter and fall crops, you can extend your growing season and thus can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables year long.

Itís good to start with simple components. In fact most of the greenhouses are constructed of plastic sheets, which are stretched over the metal frame. Choosing the right greenhouse material is very important to not only help your plants thrive better but also to turn your cold, drab outdoor into an extended living space with the promise of spring.

Thanks to the immense advancement in polymers and plastics and in other greenhouse materials, having your own small green oasis is much easier and also less expensive than ever. The good news is now for the urban farmers also there are plenty of styles, sizes and materials available to experiment and explore with.

Sure you can grow your own garden, raise your own produce without even a greenhouse but itís more like cooking without a whisk, whatsoever! Believe it or not, having your own greenhouse somewhere at your backyard, rooftop, gazebo or balcony is definitely the game-changer as they not only nurture the plants but also nurture you (the gardener). Honestly, you will recognize its utility and efficiency only when you have one. You will appreciate its utility only when you see how much stronger and healthier can thrive. Moreover, the styles and ways of using it have also increased in leaps and bounds. Yes, it can be used for planting seeds, growing saplings and for protecting young plants from sheer inhospitable situation and extreme weather condition. Based on which of these activities you wish accomplishing, there are practically various shapes, many sizes and different greenhouse materials to choose from for suiting your needs.

Smaller your greenhouse is, more you will have to challenge your creativity and innovativeness when it finally boils down to the point of size selection and usage. For instance, if you have a huge backyard where you can set up a permanent structure, you are free to choose from metal or wooden frame with polycarbonate or glass panels.
Placing your greenhouse typically at the south- or west or at the South West corner is ideal to provide your plants with either full morning sun or with adequate amount of afternoon shade. Grow light is also an ideal option in case you donít have enough sun exposure.

Remember, although full sun is ideal for your plantís health during the winter, full sun exposure in the summer days can in fact turn your greenhouse into a heated oven. Make sure that your plant house has optimum air flow and adequate ventilation to let your plants thrive in the summer months.

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Floren Neel is associated with some plant house and greenhouse materials suppliers for a long time. Hence, with time he learned how to make good flower garden, portable greenhouses, roof top garden and other outdoor innovations easily.

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