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In recent times you may have noticed that apart from 13 cards rummy and its variants, there has been a new addition in the rummy games realm and this goes by the name of 21 cards rummy. We all are quite familiar with the 13 cards rummy game and all the variants of this game like pool rummy, deals rummy, points rummy and rummy tournaments. But this new version called 21 cards rummy can be a bit confusing.

We give you the comparison between 13 cards rummy and 21 cards rummy:

The number of packs: In a normal 13 card rummy game where there are only two players, a single deck is used to play. When there are more than 2 players, the norm is to use two decks. In 21 card rummy three decks are used to play the game.

The number of jokers: In Indian rummy played with 13 cards, you have the printed jokers and the card joker that is picked at the start of the game. In 21 cards rummy besides the printed joker, the card jokers that get picked for the game you also have the upper and the lower joker. These jokers are essentially the card before and the card after the card that is picked as joker for the game. Not only can the upper and lower joker be used as joker but having them with you gets you points from others.

Number of sequences: In normal rummy the number of sequences required is two out of which it is mandatory to make one of them natural. But in the 21 card variant, a person will have to have 3 natural sequences to make a show using sequences as there are other methods for making a show.

The ways to declare the game: As you know in the 13 cards game there is one way of declaring the game for making a show and that is by melding the 13 cards in hand into two sequences (one natural) and other cards in either sets or sequences by using jokers or even without them. In the 21 cards option you have 4 ways to declare a show. The first one is by making three natural sequences and other cards in sets and sequences. The second one is by putting together three tunnelas (these are three of the same cards of same number or picture of the same symbol). What is more a tunnela is also considered equal to a natural sequence. The third option is by putting together eight doubles ( which are two of the same card). The fourth option is by having eight jokers.

As you can see there are many similarities as well as differences between the two games with the 21 cards option taking on some points from the 13 cards option to make the game even more interesting and challenging. Another point to be noted is that the 21 card option is played on points basis, which means that the end of one game will mean settlement and then the next round will start with a new game each time.

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