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By: Joanne D. Getz

Account receivables factoring is the process under which a company exchanges the outstanding bills for immediate funding to avert/ solve an immediate financial crunch. With the help of this method, a company can get money immediately rather than having to wait for approximately 30 days for its bills to get paid by the clients. The lending agency that lends money on loan in exchange for account receivables is known as a factor. It is necessary to choose a factor carefully. One has to be sure that after all the transactions are made, they will get to gain from the receivable factoring exercise.

account receivables factoring is mainly useful in cases of bad debts, where an organisation sells it bad debts to a third party collection agency, which then works on extracting the money from the customers who have not paid up. On the other hand, if a company is a profitable one and is facing a temporary liquidity crunch, it is advisable to find other means to solve this crunch. This is because, sometimes, the fees charged by the factors are very high. In case there is a situation as simple as the fact that you are unable to meet payroll deadlines due to a sudden liquidity crunch, it is not advisable to opt for factoring. This is because this procedure will take at least 60 days and you will not meet the payroll deadlines anyways.

In such a situation, instead of companies accounts factoring, you can opt for a company that provides payroll funding. Good payroll funding companies will be able to help an otherwise profitable organisation, to wade through a sudden financial crunch. These lending agencies sometimes are able to provide funds in a period as short as one day. This will solve your challenge of meeting payrolls of time without having to pay huge amounts to a factor. Very little paperwork is required with good payroll funding agencies and the only requirement they have is that the borrowing company be an otherwise profitable one.

Organisations like call centres, healthcare centres, concierge services, travel agencies, temporary staffing agencies etc. can benefit a lot from a payroll funding agency. This is because such organisations sometimes have to suddenly increase their manpower before they can arrange for the resources to pay them their salaries from. This is where a payroll funding agency can helpful and useful, instead of having to resort blindly to factoring.

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