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By: Ritika Jain

Can infertility be considered a serious health concern? ABSOLUTELY!
By now you would have read that a large number of couples in India alone are diagnosed with some infertility-related problem. When saying a large number of couples, the approximate number according to recent studies is around 27 million couples. Now to tackle a growing problem such as infertility, the need for modern technology, advanced treatments and specialized expertise is critical. Fortunately, a whole host of specialists with the right equipment have arisen to meet this problem head-on. This has resulted in great IVF success in India.
So, once again letís understand what infertility is, especially for those who have not been able to conceive for the longest time.
ē When youíre under 35 years of age and havenít been able to get pregnant for1 year or more of trying
ē Or, if youíre 35 years +and havenít been able to get pregnant after trying for more than 6 months
In the advent that youíve tried but not conceived, you should definitely seek medical help. Specific tests are conducted in order to gauge the reason for not being able to get pregnant. For instance, when itís a potential problem with the man, tests will focus more on sperm analysis. When itís a problem with the woman, tests and analysis focus on ovulation, the fallopian tubes and uterus.
Aside from this itís extremely important to remember that infertility is as much a manís problem, as it is a womanís problem. Itís estimated that 40-45% of infertility cases are caused by the male factor, and an equal number of cases are cause by the female factor. The remaining cases are attributed to unexplained causes.
Once the tests are done and you need to undergo treatments with the best IVF success rate in India to overcome the diagnosis, then the very next thing youíll be thinking about is where to get the treatment done and the cost involved. More times than not, the cost of IVF treatments, tests and medications involved usually tend to be on the higher side. Especially for couples in certain countries the costs can be considerably higher and budgeting with all factors considered is very difficult.
Luckily fertility tourism has grown by leaps and bounds in various countries. The attractiveness of a lower treatment cost, combined with high IVF success rate in India can prove to be irresistible for a lot of couples. And, not to mention a fair sum of money is also saved by undergoing the treatments elsewhere.
In recent times with the increase in infertility cases and the advent of effective fertility chains and their IVF success in India, the country has emerged as a preferred destination for a selection of infertility treatments. For international patients they can undergo treatments at just a fraction of the cost and it also allows for their budget to be more flexible, with no compromise of world-class fertility treatments. Specific fertility chains are home to experienced infertility treatment experts who continuously update themselves on the latest global trends and advances in ART.
In fact, the advantages of patients who travel to India seeking treatments are huge. Some of them are:
1. Access to top doctors, embryologists and other medical professionals
2. World-class medical equipment
3. Modern embryology labs with class 10,000 clean rooms
4. Affordable and transparent costing
5. Exceptional infrastructure in fertility centres
6. Personal care and constant monitoring by the staff
7. Easy availability of medical visa
8. Very high IVF success rate in India
When dealing with a variety of probable causes and solutions, itís possible to endure the emotions and stress during an IVF success in India.

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