Leadership Crisis in Pakistan Do we have hope

By: Pakistan Herald

“A leader is a dealer in hope”

-Napoleon Bonaparte
Where do we stand? Can we even hope for some hope? Our barren eyes hunt desperately for a shoulder on which to thrust our miseries and worries, tensions and depressions, failures and economic recessions. We hunt a leader to shove off the responsibilities of this surviving nation of divided people, to push forward the sluggish, crawling economic and social indicators of growth measures, to put a stop to the atrocious inflation and brutality of poverty and hunger, to stop the increasing rate of dying children and under fed population. Yes, we are desperate for a leader!

It is rightly said “Where there is no vision, the people perish”, we as a herd, not yet deserve to be categorized as a nation, stand on the verge of gloom and doom. We do not have people, who could step forward, as our representatives in a democratic structure and lead us with a vision in their eyes, a path in their minds and humanity and bounteousness in their hearts. No, we have parliaments and assemblies full of interest groups and pressure groups, elite powers with selfish, arrogant rulers who work for the welfare of their future generations, who work for the increment in their bank balances and care less for what happens to the masses. Why would the masses then get health and education? Why would there be schools and hospitals and doctors and paramedics, for who should you set up infrastructural links...no-one because it is not in the interests of the power elites. This is our Pakistan, where the maximum you get is 2% of your annual budget to be spent on health sector for striving population of more than 190 million people. Alas! No one hears the voice of this injustice and brutality. Why? Because there stands no leader in the way of this exploitation of the poor at the hands of the rich, no one dares to stop the cruelties of powerful against the weak. No one has a heart big enough to be selfless to think for others, or for public welfare before his private interests.

This is where a leadership crisis takes its ugliest form; it allows aggravating the pitiable condition of the country and nation and give air to all the issues which cause harm to the stability of the country. Our people now pray for someone like mosses to lead them in this time of distress, yet our prayers remain unanswered and why not? I believe nothing will change if we ourselves are not going to change. We pray for a leader to rescue us from the deep pits of our miseries but we stay rigid to our destructively cunning habits. We fail to eradicate the evil within us but pray to get rid of the evils of outer world. It’s time we should remember that “God will not change the fate of a nation, who fails to take care of its own change”!

Khuda Ne Aj Tak Us Qaum Ki Haalat Nahe Badali

Na Ho Khayaal Jis Ko Ap Apni Haalat Key Badaalne Ka

(Allam Iqbal)

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