Lead Generation Tips: Prospects Will Call You when You Use Effective Voice Broadcasting Methods

By: Chris Robertson

Voice broadcasting provides a unique type of lead generation that gets prospects calling you instead of you making cold calls. If you've always been nervous about making cold calls for business-to-business sales, voice broadcasting empowers you to phone thousands of potential customers within moments without speaking directly to the recipient. It is the preferred method of many successful businesses to generate leads by phone. Let's explore lead generation through voice broadcasting and see how it can benefit you.

Choose Prospects

A great feature of phone leads software is you can target your market. Many voice broadcasting services offer targeting to narrow your calls to those who might be interested in your services. For instance, if you want to offer staffing services to those in the business office environment, you can target these phone numbers. If you wish to reach executives who travel by plane or bus often, you can create a targeted list to offer your travel agency services. If you want to target certain industries to help with their marketing campaigns, it's easy to do so with phone leads software.

The more targeted your audience, the better results you'll reap from your voice broadcasting message. That's why lead generation by phone is well worth the investment even if you have to pay more to target your calls. Once you choose a target of potential buyers, you can tailor your broadcast message to grab their attention.

Create Your Own Message

You have the option to record your own message or use a voice talent if you prefer. Reading your own message will personalize your offer if that's your goal. You might begin your message with, "Hi, I'm _______ with the Widget Company, and I'd like to briefly explain why your business needs ________." Of course, you fill in the blanks and add or change the words as needed. Whether you're the owner of the company or a sales representative, you'll notice that most prospects are excited when they realize you're the same person that was speaking on the recording.

Your message should be carefully thought out and written down. Practice a few times before recording, and be sure to record with enthusiasm....but not overkill. Your voice broadcasting message should not sound like a "broadcast" but you should talk as if you're actually speaking with an individual. Talk slowly and confidently without pressuring. Your goal should be to get a response - stir curiosity just enough for an inquiry. Make a short, simple offer they can't refuse!

Choose a Method of Response

Another major advantage of voice broadcasting is you can choose the method of response offered to your recipients. Perhaps you'd like them to call you back at a certain number to hear further instructions or to speak to a sales representative. Or, maybe you'd like them to respond by pressing a certain button on their phone that will transfer them to a salesperson or voice mail. Getting a response is the key to successful lead generation campaigns. Make it as easy as possible for them to learn more about your offer.

Keep in mind that there are challenges you'll face. Many companies have secretaries that screen all calls. The secretary may or may not listen to your offer or even tell the boss about it. If you can phone the owner directly, great. If not, develop your message to intrigue the secretary so he/she will at least pass on the information to the owner.

Whatever phone leads software you choose, be sure to abide by the laws concerning telemarketing and voice broadcasting. New laws are now in place that prohibit certain types of calls to homes. Thankfully, you can still make business-to-business calls through voice broadcasting. It's a great way to fine tune your marketing campaigns and lead generation efforts while reaching a greater audience.

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