Lawyers San Antonio: Helping Parents Settle Their Divorce Case Amicably

By: Amy Geistweidt

The disruption of childhood may be one of the biggest casualties of divorces between parents of young children. The separation of their parents has the potential to shatter the children’s sense of security and may force them to grow up too quickly. A divorce that is smooth and harmonious, rather than rocky and hostile, will at least allow the parents to focus on the needs of the children throughout the divorce process and in its aftermath. An able San Antonio Divorce Lawyer can assist parents in obtaining an amicable divorce.

Divorce is a complex legal process that requires the advice of attorneys qualified to navigate the legal system. Litigation has been the traditional route to settling divorce situations within the court. However, litigation often serves to intensify the existing pain of divorce for the parties involved. The cumbersome process of litigation has also proved detrimental to the child’s well being.

An extended litigation process can jeopardize the future of the child by prolonging the conflict. However, a smooth and expeditious settlement resolves the issue of child custody as quickly as possible so as to minimize disruption in the child’s life. When settling divorce cases, the court’s constant priority is to protect the best interests of the child. The court works to ensure that the overall development of the child is not hampered at any level.

Aside from these custody concerns, the process of divorce involves making decisions about a variety of complex issues. One of the most glaring concerns that arises during the process has to do with alimony. Alimony statutes often require that one or both spouses have an obligation to support each other during and after the dissolution of their marriage. Complications emerge when calculating the extent of this support. The division of property can also become a bone of contention if the parties are not open to negotiation and neither spouse is willing to budge from their original position.

In order to avoid the neverending litigation process and the blame game that accompanies it, divorcing couples will often opt for uncontested divorce. San Antonio Mediation is a very constructive legal method wherein the spouses and their lawyers meet with each other and discuss their concerns to arrive at a mutually agreed-upon decision. A divorce mediation lawyer will guide the negotiation process and help ensure that it results in a productive outcome. The mediation divorce process allows parties to settle their divorce out of court.

Collaborative divorce lawyers in San Antonio also help spouses obtain an amicable divorce. In the collaborative process, both the parties are represented by a team of lawyers and a decision is reached outside the court. The divorce lawyers of San Antonio can save you a lot of time and expense when it comes to settling your case, and they can also guide you in decisions involving child custody if that becomes an issue.

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