Lawn Mowing and Hedge Cutting Equipment

By: Rhett Monroe

Lawn mowers and hedge trimmers can be used to ensure that your lawn looks healthy and manicured all year round. With such a large selection of equipment available on the market, it can be a tough choice to know what to purchase. This article takes a look at some of the most common items of garden machinery and equipment, and what each of their benefits are.


There are three main types of mowers: reel mowers, rotary mowers and ride-on mowers. A reel mower is a piece of equipment which uses a blade that rotates vertically to cut the grass. This type of mower provides a very even cut. Reel mowers also support the healthy growth of the grass on a lawn area.

Rotary mowers work with blades that spin horizontally, and they use a sucking and ripping action to cut the grass on the lawn. They use a gas or electric engine to power the motor which rotates the blade. They are able to cut a range of grass conditions.

Ride on mowers are vehicles which are able to effectively cut a large area of lawn in a smaller amount of time. A driver is able to control the vehicle using a steering wheel to create neat lines on the grass. They are commonly used on the grounds of large estates, sports fields, hotels, and parks.


There are also garden tools called edgers which are able to cut a straight line on a lawn area. They can create an extremely straight, crisp edge along any type of lawn. They are an essential tool for creating beautifully manicured borders, and they will give that professional finish to any garden.


Hedge trimmers use a high powered blade which has a number of 'teeth' to cut and trim bushes. They will create a nice, even finish on small trees, shrubs and bushes of all shapes and sizes. Petrol or electric powered chainsaws are also available to purchase. These items will be able to cut through harder substances, such as chunks of wood, easily and conveniently.

Brush cutters are a type of powered garden tool which utilizes a heavy duty metal cutting blade. Because of their power, they can be used to trim away areas of roughage, including twigs, brambles, thick grass and other overgrown areas. Grass cutters are similar to brush cutters, except they are usually designed to cut through thick grass and not harder substances such as twigs.

Where to Buy Lawn Mowers and Hedge Trimmers

The best place to purchase a lawn mower or hedge trimmer is from a specialist retailer. They will have a website which will list images and details of all of the products that they offer, along with information on how to order. Specialist retailers will also have knowledgeable staff who will be able to advise you on the best products for your needs. Always choose an established and reputable company to ensure that you will be purchasing high quality garden tools that are built to last.

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