Lawn Mowers Perth 5 Effective Lawn Mowing Tips

By: Collin Ratliff

It is always nice to have a well maintained lawn. The sight of the neatly mowed healthy grass makes you feel so good. However, like it is said, nothing good comes without a bit of trouble and pain. So, if you want a healthy and beautiful lawn, you need to put in a bit of hard work. The basic thing you need to do is learn how to mow in the right manner. Buying the right lawn mower is not enough to maintain a healthy lawn. Wrong mowing techniques can not only hamper the visual appeal of the lawn, but also ruin the health of the grass. Here are five lawn mowing techniques that you can use.

Understand the grass

The time and technique of mowing grass depends on the type of grass in your lawn. So, the first thing that you need to do is learn the properties and characteristics of the grass. Find out whether the grass is cool season grass or warm season grass. The pace of growth depends on the grass species. When you know the peak growth season of the grass, you can plan the mowing schedule accordingly. For example, if you have cool season grass in your lawn, you need to allot two days a week for mowing in fall and spring. Similarly, if you have warm season grass, you need to mow twice a week during the hotter months.

Notice grass height

The thumb rule for mowing is to check the grass height. If you see the grass growing more aggressively in a particular season, mow more frequently at that time. This is a very important consideration for lawn care because too much of mowing can put excessive pressure on the grass roots and damage the lawn.

When you learn about the grass, pay special attention to its optimum height. In order to maintain a healthy lawn, the grass should be cut at one-third of its maximum height. Keeping the height more or less than this is not recommended.

Do not cut when the grass is wet

Cutting wet grass is not a good practice because of two main reasons. First, since the mud underneath the grass is wet and loose, grass might be uprooted during the mowing process. As a result, your lawn ends up being very uneven and unsightly. Second, when the lawn is wet, the lawn mower might slip and pose risks to your safety. Also, the wet grass blocks the mower and forms mulch that makes it difficult to operate the machine.

Do not use a blunt mower

If the blades of your lawn mower are not sharp, they could damage the grass and make the lawn uneven. Before you begin to mow, check whether the blades are blunt. If they are, do not use the machine until you have them sharpened.

Mow in different directions

While mowing, do not follow the same pattern and direction all the time. If you mow in the same direction, the grass begins to slant and grow in that direction. For straight erect grass, change mowing direction each time you mow.

When you mow, make sure that you cover every inch of the lawn in one session. Do not mow part of the lawn and postpone the other part for later.

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A walk in a well-mowed lawn can provide you a sense of relaxation and joy. But having only the latest lawn mover is not enough. You have to put in a bit of hard work for that great looking lawn. Get in touch with experienced lawn mowers in Perth while they do it for you. Visit here to know more about them.

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