Laser skin surgery for cosmetic purposes

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Just like an ordinary cosmetic surgery, laser skin surgery also involves the cutting and healing of skin. But there the similarity stops. In laser skin surgery, lasers are used to cut, vaporize and seal (cauterize) tissues and blood vessels. These terms may sound like a lot of linguistic jargon, but these are essentially what make laser surgery the single most effective forms of skin therapy for cosmetic purposes.

Let me explain. In traditional scalpel surgery, there is extensive wounding which is followed by a long period of healing. On the other hand, the laser technology enables experienced dermatologists to cut through the skin without causing any bleeding. The wound is cauterized immediately. Thus, pain and discomfort is less, though some amount of rawness and tenderness may be experienced for some time.

Improved technology in the field of Laser Skin Surgery has made it possible for doctors to target specific areas of the skin. So, strong lasers can work on deep scars, lesions and markings that are embedded in the skin. At the same time, lasers of low intensity can work on superficial scars and blemishes.

Laser skin surgery is used for a number of cosmetic purposes.

The laser resurfacing technique (laser peel) helps people get rid of fine lines, wrinkles and scars on the surface of the skin. It is also used to get rid of uneven pigmentation. Many people opt for laser resurfacing in combination with other cosmetic procedures like a facelift. Acne scarring can also be treated effectively and the skin regains its natural contours when the surgery is combined with the use of certain filler substances.

Laser hair removal is a very popular and effective method for removing unwanted facial hair. Since the treatment destroys hair follicles, multiple treatments can help remove unwanted hair permanently.

Spider veins at inconvenient areas can be a great embarrassment. Laser surgery gets rid of the obnoxious veins quickly and forever.

Laser skin surgery is an easy and safe way to get rid of ugly looking keloids easily. Since laser beams may be directed at specific areas, there is minimal trauma on the skin.

Laser skin surgery is one of the easiest and most effective ways of getting rid of warts, freckles, moles, port wine stains and sunspots. Birthmarks and skin growth may also be removed. In essence, laser treatment removes the damaged upper layer of the skin and gives you a glowing, fault-free fresh layer of skin.

Many people use laser skin surgery in combination with botox and facelift to achieve dramatic improvement in their looks.

As you can see, laser skin surgery can bring about amazing cosmetic changes. Its biggest advantage is the precision and minimal inflammation. Patients and doctors find it more convenient, and the results are just as good as traditional surgery, if not better.

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