Laser Hair Removal – Better Be Safe, Than Sorry…

By: Amanda Keller

If you’re considering laser hair removal to get rid of all that unwanted hair on your face and body, then you’ve ‘probably’ made a good choice to do that. Yes, you read the word ‘probably’ right, and there’s a strong reason behind that word. First, you need to be sure of what you’re doing and if it’s the right thing for “YOU.” Laser hair removal is certainly a great solution and often harmless (or very less harmful), but it’s not for everybody. A lot depends on your skin type and the amount of hair on your face/body. You need to consult with a certified and registered nurse regarding laser hair removal, and that is very important before you take any decision; and here’s why…

1. You need to consult with a registered nurse at one of the finest Day Spa Medical clinics close to you to first know if laser hair removal is even an option for you. While laser hair removal has high acceptance and success rate, some people are just not eligible for it and it depends on your skin type and the amount and/or thickness/type of hair to be removed. So, remember the old saying, “Better Safe than Sorry.”

2. You need to know how much it’s going to cost you, and this factor becomes especially important in times like now. Depending on your skin type and hair thickness, the degree of treatment (laser wavelength) and/or the number of required sittings may vary. A quick consultation with a registered nurse will help you a long way.

3. If you’re on medication (for your skin) right now or have been on it in the last 6 months, you need to talk to a nurse right away. The nurse will give you the right time for your laser hair removal process.

Now that we’ve seen why it’s important to consult with a registered nurse before getting your laser hair removal treatment done, let us see what skin types are good for such a treatment. Yes, we’re already saving you some money.

Light Skin – You’re perhaps the best candidate for laser hair removal treatment. You will need few sittings and you will see results quickly, regardless of whether your skin slightly burns or tans on being exposed to Sunlight. The duration and degree of treatment may still vary, but only marginally.

Slightly Brownish Skin – Depending on your hair color, you will see results in the range of 4 to 12 sittings, depending on the area size undergoing treatment. If you have a slightly brownish skin but have black or dark brown hair, it would actually help you see great results, and fast. The darker the hair, the more pigmentation in it – the more the laser light will get absorbed.

Dark Skin – You might need far more treatment sittings to see results, as compared to the other two skin types. One very important note for you, if you’re dark skinned – You will need a practitioner with more expertise and experience in laser hair removal treatments to help you see good results. Google Spa Los Angeles for a local listing of high end medical spa’s.

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