Laser Eye Surgery - Time to say bye to those contacts and glasses!

By: Matthew Jones

Gone are the days when contact lenses and spectacles were the only options to correct refractive defects. Now ophthalmologists have found a solution to get rid of the refractive defects permanently. Laser eye surgery is the safest and best method to give a permanent solution to your eye. By laser the defect in your cornea is corrected and the power changes to normal.

Human eye like a camera records the images in the retina. Our eyes also have lenses which will help to focus on the images. The cornea and the lens are the most important part in our eyes. The cornea remains the same but the lens adjusts to focus the image correctly so that whatever we see is clear. When there is a mismatch between these, the eye will focus the image behind the retina which in turn leads to refractive error, for which a contact lens or spectacles or used.

Wearing glasses may bring dark circles to your eyes. Over a period of time your face will have marks wearing glasses. So how to get rid of this, is this your question? Here is a permanent solution for your eye problems. Whether you are suffering from heperopia, astigmatism or myopia now get rid of the glasses permanently by doing laser eye surgery. This pain free surgery requires very minimal time to come to normal. So now more worries about wearing contacts. Fix your eyesight and enjoy the beauty of the world. In a laser eye surgery your vision is corrected through laser, which will be operated on the cornea to correct the parts which has defect. This will in turn make your vision clear. This can be done in a few minutes time.

It all depends on your eye sight and how far it is defected or what made the eyesight worsen. For some they may not have a full recovery. Once you go for the laser surgery you donít have to wear glasses or the contacts which is a hassle. People who wear glasses or contacts are sure to know the problems they face daily. A person canít wear the contacts throughout the day, and wearing a glass continuously will leave a mark on the face. So by doing a laser eye surgery one can get rid of all this permanently. Using glasses or contact may avoid you to get into the favorite sports, now whether you want to go for a swimming or get wet in the rain enjoy your life to the most by doing laser eye surgery.

So far there have been no negative feed back about the surgery. It all depends one how you treat it. Make sure the treatment is done by a highly experienced doctor to avoid it from being over treated. Before the surgery the patient should stop wearing contacts for a few weeks as per the doctorís instruction. The surgery is done when the patient is awake if required can have a mild sedative.Sometimes you may have to continue wearing your contact lens or glasses after the surgery. But that is very rare.

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