Large Tree Removal A Checklist Before You Get It Done

By: Bill Clinton

Large trees are often considered a boon to a property as they add value to it and also add a lot of visual richness to the entire area. However, there are a few instances when a large tree in your property may have to be removed for various reasons. The tree, if dead, becomes weak, over time and becomes a safety hazard. Sometimes, these large trees may disrupt the growth of other trees and plants on your property. In case the tree is an obstacle to extending your property, you may have to remove it with necessary permissions. Removing a large tree is not as easy as cutting it off and having it towed away. Large tree removal Perth requires you to follow the below given guidelines to make sure that you get through the process without any glitches:

Check the power lines with your local authorities

It is important to know whether your tree touches any power lines. Even if it is not, you must check if the tree damages power lines when it falls upon being cut. You must contact your local power authority to confirm this and ensure that you are not going to damage wires in the process. These authorities might also be able to have the tree removed at a lower cost.

Check if you can get some help from your municipality

The municipality must authorize tree removal, even if it is in an area within your fence. If the tree is growing on your front walk, you can contact city workers to help you with the removal. This process is taken care of for free if the tree is likely to interfere with the sewage system in your area.

Make sure you have the tools you need

In case you are not seeking help from a government body, you must ensure you have the right tools to bring a large tree down. The most important tool to complete this process is the chainsaw. You might also need a hatchet sometimes.

Make a list of help that you need

Besides actually bringing the tree down, you will also need help with disposing the giant. You will also need someone to clean up after the tree has been cut down. This includes removal of all the branches and leaves that scatter in the area when you are pulling down a large tree. You can look for recommendations or even seek help online. Before you begin the process, make sure you have a list of reliable help ready.

If you follow this list, large tree removal will not be a tall task. Safety is the primary concern with such projects. You must bring down the entire tree only if you have ample space for the tree to fall into. If not, you have the option of having it cut in parts and removed safely. Choosing professional assistance is advised when you are carrying out an activity that is as risky and as large scale as removing a large tree.

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