Large Format two color printing

By: Azhar Ali

If you want to improve on a one color large format print, the best thing you can do is add a second color. With two colors to play with, one of them can serve as an accent color. Imagine, for example, a black and white graphic image of the bulls of Pamplona running down the streets is an exciting, graphic visual. Now, imagine the same image but this time, with a red colored bull, somewhere near the middle. The red bull is unexpected will draw the attention of the eye and make the large format print more memorable because there is an unexpected element added.
Corporate Color Printing Inc. has, for over 25 years served startups, small, medium, large and globally recognized brands. A large part of the printing we do involves Large Format Two Color Prints for our clients.
If you think using two colors instead of one is the best option for your large format print, then be prepared to spend more money for it. But bear in mind, the benefit that you will get by paying for an additional color is well worth the added expense.
The two colors you choose need not include black. What is important is that you choose two colors that will best help you to meet your marketing goals. However, here are some tips to guide you on deciding which of two colors you might choose.
1. Don’t choose two light colors, for example, two pastels. These colors won’t look good on a white background. Your text will not be easily legible. Clear and easy legibility is a major reason why you are going for large format printing in the first place.
2. Don’t choose two dark colors (eg. Black, navy blue, burgundy). A dark color on a dark background, for example navy blue on a black background, will not be legible.
3. Go for contrast. Choose a light color and a dark color.
4. Consider the environment where your large format print is going to be displayed. Is it winter? Keep away from white, as it will be “lost” in the snow. Will it be displayed in a park or a nature scene with lots of plant life? Avoid green. Is it an arid environment? Avoid brown. Choose colors that will stand out in the area where it is going to be displayed.
5. Examples of large format printing are banners, large signs, vehicle wraps, the covering of a trade show booth, posters, billboards et. al. If you are investing in a two color format choose an excellent printer to help you. Corporate Color Printing Inc. is a reliable firm with a fine reputation for quality. We can advise you on all the elements in putting together your large format two color print and we can explain the printing process to you so that the entire experience is smooth, quick and easy for you.

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Corporate Color Printing Incorporated has met the printing requirements of many clients, from widely recognized global brands to SMEs. It specializes in meeting the strategic marketing goals of clients through quality printing and personalized service in all printing requirements.

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