Landscaping Solution For Any Backyard

By: Johnny Deppin

Landscaping is no longer just for the rich, or those with large amounts of spare room. No matter how large or small a space you have to work with, you too can have a beautifully landscaped back yard. Landscaping is also much more than just plants and actually encompasses a wide range of different techniques in order to make your outdoor space both user friendly and beautiful.

Below is a brief explanation of the main ways in which you can landscape your back yard, including some of the commonly used techniques. With this information, you should be able to make an informed choice about your own landscaping needs in the future.


There are three major ways in which landscaping techniques are grouped. The first of these that will be looked at, is those fall into the category of 'hardscape'. Hardscaping refers to the many ways in which you can improve your outdoor space without the use of plants and garden beds. This includes things such as water features, fences, decks and pergolas and retaining walls, amongst many others. These are traditionally the more expensive improvements you can make to you property, but they have a number of benefits.

The biggest benefit you can expect from these kind of landscaping improvements is that many of them are actually highly functional, such as decks and retaining walls, meaning you get better use of you back yard. In addition to this, these improvements have a permanence that plants don't. This means that the money you invest in these more permanent improvements is very likely to increase your properties overall value, should you decide to sell.


The second major category of landscaping is 'softscape' improvements. In fact, this is what many people think of when they hear the word landscaping. In general, this refers to anything that is less permanent than built structures, such as turf, plantings, soil and mulches. While many gardens are designed to be consist entirely of plants and turf, it is far more common to have a good mix of both hardscape and softscape techniques in a landscaping plan.

The major downside of softscaping, is its impermanent nature. In the most basic sense, if you don't look after it, you lose it! Plants and grassed areas require constant maintenance or else you run the risk of them dying off completely. Before having your back yard landscaped, you need to consider your ability to maintain the improvements to a satisfactory level.


Concrete remained very unfashionable as a landscaping option for a long time, but is making a comeback due to recent innovations. No longer are you limited to a dull grey finish it is now possible to pigment and paint concrete in any number of colours and patterns. Some of the most common uses for concrete are driveways, paths, steps or garden edging.

To get the best advice about how to landscape you backyard, you should seriously consider seeking the help of a professional landscape design company. With their wealth of experience in all aspects of landscaping, you are sure to get a great result.

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