Landscape Photography Competitions: Secrets to Success

By: Julia Bennet

While photography is an art and no one can really teach you how to be creative in your photographic endeavours, you can easily make a mark in landscape photography competitions if you can learn the basics of landscape photography, among many other really useful things. First off, you need to be a perfectionist and try to make every shot a masterpiece. However, thereís much more to landscape photography. Below are some tips to help you out with developing your landscape photography and perhaps come out of a photography competition with flying colours. Harmonising is central to landscape photography and you should not forget this golden rule. Everything else fleshed out here depends on your own photographic sense. Explore more about the secret ingredients to success from the next landscape or street photography competition you are planning to participate in.

Prepare, be patient and stay persistent
Nature will not unfold itself before your eyes, or lens, every time. Therefore, you need to wait patiently for the right moment. Before that, you need prepare yourself for venturing into locations. Keep in mind that preparation is not just about getting equipped. You should be mentally prepared to wait for hours for the right moment to appear. Keep in mind that nature is whimsical and all the life forms that call it their home are all the more whimsical. It may take you weeks, or months, or even years to get the best photos. Know the topography of the area, research and enrich your knowledge bank before you take out your camera ahead of landscape photography competitions. More importantly, competitions will come and go. Aim for creating an eternal appeal through your photographs. Stay persistent and have the right level of perseverance, and youíll surely get a winning photo.

Focus on the subject
Itís time for some real photographic titbits now. Do not lose your focus. If you have taken a photographic class, you might have learnt that choosing a subject is essential for landscape photography. Focus on your subject and do not deviate. It will spoil the shot. Clear the clutter from your shot, which means zoom in, get as close as you can to your subject and see if the subject is at your eye level. Do not let the backdrop overshadow the subject. The bottom line is, de-clutter the subject and take a clean shot. Do the necessary adjustments before taking the shot.

Spend some time in editing
To tell a story perfectly, you need to wait for the right moment. But to give your photo the right look and feel, you need to spend some in editing. Adobe Photoshop is pretty good. However, there are many other new-age applications that can enable you to make your photo a strong contestant for an upcoming landscape or street photography competition.

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