LanTalk LAN messenger easy and secure instant messenger inside your local intranet network

By: Pawel Sokolow

LanTalk LAN messenger ( ) is just great. The software is very small, less than 1MB and very fast. LanTalk LAN messenger helps you talk to anyone on your network. LanTalk is server-less messenger. Therefore, the server and other settings do not interrupt the communication with other computers on their network.
Special modes (Read-Only and Reply-Only) are versions of the software that can be set during installation. It can be used to prevent the workers on your company from wasting time chatting within others.
By not using the Internet, LanTalk LAN messenger is infinitely more robust than the Internet-based messengers. If there is no connection to the Internet, LanTalk LAN messenger still operates on the LAN, being able to send and receive messages. The ability to post multicast messages over LAN enables LanTalk LAN messenger users to deliver messages or emergency notifications to thousands of recipients with a few mouse clicks. A quick pre-defined message can be invoked in a matter of seconds.
LanTalk LAN messenger offers operative informational exchange between employees (or the employer and the employee.) And you won't even have to leave your workplace!
Immediate announcing of an event to a large group of people. Instead of calling 30 people to let them know about an urgent meeting, you only need to send out one message. You can save the message text and a list of recipients. Later on, it will take a few seconds to notify the employees about a new meeting.
Moreover, even your employees, using public IM-services, can send important (and secret) information to strangers. Our solution is exactly what you need. LanTalk LAN messenger is network messenger, which can be completely isolated in your network (by disabling necessary ports in the corporate firewall). The application possesses all features essential for easy messaging within an enterprise local network as enterprise instant messenger.
In fact, in the most companies LanTalk LAN messenger ( ) replaced corporate e-mail for exchanging files and messages. LanTalk LAN messenger does not offer a single feature that is not related to instant messaging. You can, however, request any feature to be added, and for an additional fee, you will get a custom version of LanTalk LAN messenger.
Our LAN messenger will help you and your employees to work more effectively, without unwanted online conversations and facing no risk from outside your local network.

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