LG Chocolate KG800: The Classy And Stylish Phone

By: Amit kumar

Wanting for a classy, sleek and fashionable phone? You had better have an LG Chocolate KG800. This must be the most stylish, sophisticated and functional phone available in the market today. Its sleek design made it the unique and luxurious amongst other. If you are to look at its outer appearance, you will notice the elegant touch pad in glowing red that is heat sensitive and will automatically glows when active, which allows you to guide your way to the menus even before you slide the phone open. I must say that one of the good features of this phone is its being a warm sensitive unit, thus will not be turned on by any items in your purse or pocket that will possibly bump with your LG Chocolate KG800 phone.

Reading the outer appearance of the LG Chocolate KG800 phone above surely amazes you with the said mobile phone unit. For sure, you will get more amazed if you will get informed that your LG Chocolate KG800’s 256,000 color, 176x220 TFT LCD screen will allow you to customize its display with different photos or wallpapers. What more you can do with your TFT LCD is your ability to use it as a viewfinder for your LG Chocolate KG800 phone’s 1.3 megapixel camera. This is an amazing feature for a camera phone. It does not stand out only through its looks but also through it functions. Meaning you will not only get this phone for fashion ability’s sake, but for functionality as well.

If you think that LG Chocolate functions like those any other camera phone available in the market when it comes to its camera function, you had better think twice because the LG Chocolate KG800 has a flash and has a 4x digital zoom allowing you to take clear photos even if your subject is far. You might be wondering of the photo size of your phone. Well, your LG Chocolate KG800 camera phone produces photos at an amazing size of 1280x960. In addition, organizing your photos with your LG chocolate KG800 phone is very easy because, after taking photos, you can store them immediately on your phone’s photo album or you may chose to send them to your friends and family members.

Aside from the photos, your classy LG Chocolate KG800 can also hold your favorite music and videos and play them on its music player that supports MP3 files and set the stored music as your ring tone if you desire. Transferring data to and from your phone has made easy with the LG Chocolate KG800 camera phone’s ability to be connected to your computer using its USB cable that is included in the package. In this way, you can easily drag and drop your files to its 128mb of internal memory.

If you are into gaming, your LG Chocolate KG800 can also provide you with the latest games, and will allow you to send and receive emails because it supports Java technology. How will you send and receive emails? LG Chocolate also has the wireless Bluetooth technology. Are you impressed now? Get the latest LG Chocolate KG800 phone with the color that you desire, for it is available in various colors.

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