LED giant brakes staff shortage and production overcapacity coexist

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LED giant brakes staff shortage and production overcapacity coexist

Led the emerging concept of energy saving and environmental protection industry is now in full swing, a number of related or not related to listed companies, or purchase overweight or purchase new. Red in front of the leader's move, it will be the focus of attention. 3 An optical last year has been newly purchased 107 sets of production equipment, BDO Runda this year into the same device 130.

The MOCVD installed surge

MOCVD machine necessary equipment for the production of LED lamps, its products are substrates of epitaxial wafers for the production of LED chips. LED chips are mainly used in computer displays, LED TV display and mobile phone displays and other electronic products.

3 An optical 2010 Annual Report, the company has 77 MOCVD machines, to June 2011, the company is about to reach 144 units throughout the year is expected to increase 107 units. According to the statistics of the Institute of Engineering LED industry, the LED business sales in 2010 ranked 3 An optical ranked first, with sales of 590 million yuan. Wuhu base 100 new MOCVD machine in 2011, BDO Runda plan, Yangzhou base new MOCVD machine 30, the annual total by 130.

Changjiang Securities, May 3 this year, the study reported data show that at the end of this year, it is expected that the three safety photoelectric and BDO Runda domestic owned MOCVD machine listed companies up to the top two, 177 and 140 respectively.

First Capital Securities Research Institute also said that the global context, China LED companies new MOCVD equipment to occupy the world's three major MOCVD equipment manufacturers (Aixtron, Germany, the United States Veeco 's the Japanese Taiyonippon) orders the main part. China's demand for equipment for the 2010 year more than 200 units, than in the past 20 years the total installed capacity of more than 50.

Not only that, the industry this year also ushered in a number of new entrants. Australian foreign Shunchang February 22 announcement, plans to invest 1 billion to build the LED project, will invest 30 MOCVD machines, high-power blue and green LED wafer and chip R & D to manufacturing. Xinhai should be announced on July 5, intended foreign investment 270 million injection of nanocrystalline the photoelectric built LED projects, the purchase of 20 MOCVD machines.

Two reasons for the new installed mitigation

Recently, LED equipment industry sources, domestic upstream LED wafer production machine MOCVD machine, installed debugging temporarily stop, which involved in BDO Runda, safety optoelectronics, and other listed companies.

To this end, the reporter as an investor to Germany Runda confirmation, company secretaries office staff said the company did not stop installed, but progress slowed down and reason with the speed of development of the industry and the lighting market has not obviously outbreak signs related. The staff revealed that the lack of equipment technicians also affect the capacity factors.

This reporter to the 3 An optical confirmation, secretaries office staff said that the company equipment commissioning is almost the end of last year purchased 107 units is nearing finished debugging part is mass production.

According to the research report, Central China Securities May 31, the world's largest MOCVD machine supplier Aixtron and Veeco two companies. Aixtron company first quarter operating income of 205 million euros, a decline of about 8%, new orders also showed a trend of slowing down. Veeco's first quarter operating income was $ 215 million of LED devices, a decline of 15% in the first quarter the company received LED orders of $ 198 million, 21.7%. Equipment needs signs of slowing down.

The report noted that the subsidy policy of the local government procurement of MOCVD will come to an end, domestic investment will slow upstream. For example, the financial subsidy policy of Yangzhou City for the LED industry will be held in July 2011 ended, Jiangmen City, the amount of subsidies the MOCVD is nearly empty, introduced a similar subsidy policy, local governments have also observed the need to end the subsidy policy.

Optoelectronic industry associations in the industry in Fujian Province have also told reporters that the wafer substrate material fell in the first half of this year. MOCVD production release of this year should also not appear. Mainly related businesses is a lack of technical staff operating MOCVD, the global shortage of both. Personally think that the second half of lower chip prices should also drop.

July 12, the LED industry research institute LEDinside through its website, China chip plant last year, the local government subsidy policy, optimistic about the demand for LED lighting market, substantially out of the factory expansion plans, the number of pushed up production equipment MOCVD machine . But by 2011 the LED industry, the terminal needs no uncertain continuous improvement of product inventory, various manufacturers have started to slow down plans for the purchase of MOCVD equipment.

All the signs show that the growth rate of the LED upstream slowed it?

The electronic components industry brokerage Institute researcher told reporters, according to the above signs, LED upstream excess is quite sufficient, if we see the interim report of the equipment suppliers began to appear even more can be determined.

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