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Pallets are wooden structures that are used in just about every warehouse across America. The reason is because they provide a solid base in which goods can be moved and transported. They are designed so that they can easily be moved from one location to antoehr via forklift, making it easy to organize and transport a wide variety of products. In most cases, pallets are made from wood, although pallets can be constructed from just about any material available. The main issue with pallets is that once goods have been delivered to their final destination for sale, many businesses don't know what to do with them. Many resort to throwing them away or burning them. However, they can be recycled in order to make new pallets.

Wood Pallet Recycling

Recycling companies accept old pallets and break them down in order to create new ones. Not only does this keep old pallets out of landfills, it also keeps pallet construction compaies from having to harvest trees in order to get the wood to make the new pallets. Recycling companies work to dismantle the old pallets and then reconstruct new ones using the existing wood. In addition, recycling companies can also make furniture out of old pallets and for the wood that is too damaged to reused, it can be shredded to make mulch. Recycled pallet mulch is significantly less expensive than traditional mulch.

Recycling Business

In order to take advantage of pallet recycling, all a business has to do is arrange to have the old pallets delivered to the recycling facility. In some cases, the recyclers will collect the old pallets for a fee. However, most rely on individual businesses to arrange for the transportation.

Pallet recycling companies can accept pallets in a variety of materials. Some recyclers will only deal with wooden pallets, but some will accept plastic pallets for recycling. Either way, the recycling company will pay you for your old pallets, which not only helps you get rid of your old pallets, but will also provide you with a potentially lucrative new revenue stream.

If you are a company that is looking for a way to do the right thing and properly dispose of your old pallets, it's time to contact L and R Pallet. They are the largest manufacturer and recycler of wooden pallets in the Rocky Mountain area. They can not only service your pallet recycling needs, but can also supply you with cost effective pallet solutions for your business.

Regardless of your pallet needs, call on the professionals at L and R Pallet. They are committed to not only meeting your pallet needs, but exceeding them. You won't find a better solution for pallet recycling services or business waste recycling services anywhere. For more information regarding the services provided by L and R Pallet or to discuss your business's recycling needs, visit http://www.palletsco.com/. You'll be glad you did/

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L and R Pallets is the leading provider of pallet recycling services in the Rocky Mountain Region. If you have business waste recycling needs, L and R Pallets has the solution.

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