Krocodile - A Lethal Habit

By: Ben Pate

There are countless drugs in the world today that wreak havoc on user's bodies. There are new concoctions emerging every day that combine two or more drugs to create the next 'high', each seems to do more damage than the last. There are drugs that can stop your heart immediately to those that will cause the flesh to literally rot off the bone. One of these flesh rotting drugs is a drug known as russian drug krocodil. Its use is mostly restricted to Russia; however its prevalence is growing into the world's first drug epidemic.


Krocodil is a form of morphine known as desomorphine. It is about eight times more potent than morphine, but the high does not last as long. Krocodil derives its name from the animal crocodile. This is because the injection site is known to turn green due to gangrene and cause a scaly aftermath, which resembles the scales of the Krocodil. The high is similar to the high achieved from heroin. For this reason it is referred to as the poor man's drug as it is cheap to produce and the ingredients are easy to find as they are mostly household items.

Poor Man's Drug

Heroin which is popular in Russia is quite expensive on the European market. This is why Krocodil has become widely used. It is a drug that not only mimics the heroin high, but is ridiculously cheap to make. The main ingredient is codeine which in Russia is an over the count medication, that can be obtained easily. This cooked with household ingredients such as paint thinner, gasoline, hydrochloric acid, iodine, and red phosphorus creates Krocodil. The average cooking time is around an hour to an hour and a half, which is also how long the high will last. With ingredients being so cheap and accessible, this has lead to Krocodil's use to spread like an epidemic.

Long Lasting Effects

It is reported that those who are addicted to Krocodil only live for about two years. The effects are more devastating than any other drug. The mixture of poisons causes flesh to rot right off the bone. Those addicted resemble the walking dead, they are modern day zombies. In addition to falling flesh, there are also long lasting effects on motor coordination and speech, which causes slow reaction times and speech impediments. Blood poisoning is also common in those who use Krocodil.


Krocodil is mostly used in Russia, spreading rampant throughout the country, creating the world's first drug epidemic. Northern Russia features eight month winters and high rates of unemployment. This may have lead to the spread of drug use. Boredom and depression are often leading causes of drug use, especially among young people. Worse, Russians don't have easy access to drug rehab programs. There are only about 500 centers and they are mostly managed by private religious organizations. This can make recovery impossible for many.

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Any drug is dangerous when consumed; krocodil, however, is a step above the rest. Its effects are so drastic and lethal that an addiction to it is a death sentence. Any search of the drug Krocodil will pull up countless sites boasting recipes for Krocodil. This shows its prevalence within the drug world.

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