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I have been a kratom enthusiast now for about 5 years. About 7 years ago, I suffered a car accident that shattered both of my knees. The year after my accident, I endured 4 surgeries, each requiring extensive pain treatment measures during my recovery process. I had heard the horror stories about opiate addiction before, but I never thought it could happen to me. I knew I had a legitimate reason to be on my prescription pain meds (which included all 3 of the big names in chronic pain therapy: oxycodone, hydrocodone, and the king of kings - Oxycontin). Before I knew it, I was taking such hefty doses, that I felt like a walking zombie. Of course I kept telling myself that was the only way I could walk, due to the pain I would have to endure without the meds; but deep down, I knew that was only a partial truth. The meds had become my crutch. They had become not just a physical pain killer, but a mental one as well. It didnít take long before the side effects from the opiate abuse began to ruin my life. My mood swings were atrocious, I was lethargic to the point that taking a shower was exhausting, my appetite was non-existent, and the depression was nearly too much to bare. I knew I was addicted, and I knew I had to break the cycle.

Thatís when a friend told me about kratom. At first, I couldnít believe it - a plant that would cure my opiate addiction? No way, I thought. I figured it was just another ďherbal home remedyĒ that made more claims that it could deliver. Thanks to my friendís constant nagging - which I am now very thankful for because she saved my life with her persistence - I decided to say goodbye to my long-time opiate crutch and get off of those horrible pills for good!

I can now say Iíve been pain pill free for 5 years. Without the kratom to stop the withdrawals, I never would have mustered the courage to quit. Kratom made the process easy and painless.

The miracle plant is now part of my daily regiment. Every morning I wake up with my cup of coffee and a spoon full of kratom, then itís off to the races! I can honestly say Iíve never felt better in my entire life!

If you are considering kratom as a means to end opiate addicition, I ask that you please give it a chance. Iím writing this kratom testimonial because I want my story to help others who are in the miserable, hopeless position I was in 5 years ago. So I will end with these words. The best way to say goodbye to opiate addiction, is to say hello to kratom.

- Margo A.

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