Knowing the Meanings of Flowers Will Allow You To Send the Bouquet

By: Gen Wright

Regarding giving presents, it is often said that the meaning behind the gift is the part that is most important. This is especially true concerning flowers, one of the more common and practical presents that one person gives to another. Flowers are a gift given from a man to a woman since the earliest days of human history for the reason that flowers are beautiful things of a soft essence, although this isn't the single reason that people prefer flowers. Actually, the language of flowers is here for this, known as floriography which began in England during the period of Queen Victoria. This art form was a catalogue of different flowers and hues which were used to articulate ideas that the limited people of that period of time had difficulty saying out loud. With the viewable element that flowers provide, they helped make the sentiment clear for all to take note, bringing a very heartfelt kind of significance to the gift of an arrangement or even a single flower.

Currently, one will find that there is a considerably strong custom of sending roses almost more than any other flower. Long ago, roses of the red variety were perceived as meaning intense passion or romantic love. Roses that were pink had a kindred significance, but they were put into use during situations where the fondness level was not exactly as much or the man didn't prefer to intimidate the woman with how he felt. White roses were understood to imply chastity or innocence and given more as a sign of admiration than amorous interest. Roses which were yellow conveyed not only devotion, but a lot of times genuine companionship, a uncomplicated type of flower to give or receive.

The Sunflower is a well liked kind of flower still given nowadays and they are lively, uplifting flowers which are given as a indication of respect since they are viewed as magnificent in their own way. Daisies, much like a white rose, is also perceived to be a indication of chastity and purity, but the significance is much less love related than the rose. Irises are given to signify sending a message because it is connected to Greek messenger of the gods in that culture's mythology. A length of ivy is supposed to convey loyalty due to its tendency of clinging to things no matter the circumstances. The pleasant pansy and the delightful daffodil are sometimes used as expressing what the giver is thinking of the receiver.

Obviously, considering these instances, the symbolic nature of flowers is as strong today as ever. When you understand what each flower and color imply, you should be able to get presents that will imply so much other than elegance.

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