Knowing the Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Cervicogenic Headaches

By: Lee Dobbins

Did you know that only 8% of all headache episodes in people around the world are caused by migraine? You may wonder, what is the cause of the majority of throbbing headaches?

Sinusitis and dental surgical procedures can cause headache episodes, but they still are not the top major cause of most headaches. So you may wonder, what is it?

The answer - a majority of headaches are categorized as cervicogenic headaches. Cervicogenic headaches usually originate from inside the structures of your neck. Many people are surprised how the neck can become a source of severely painful episodes of headaches.

Experts believe that the neck is one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body. That is because the neck, especially the area near the shoulder region, absorbs the body's overall tension. Sustained neck movements also cause throbbing pains that would climb up to the head area.

Cervicogenic headaches are not easily diagnosed, No medical test or x-ray could definitely detect the presence of such types of headaches. It is thus important that the patient carefully determine the sources of the pain.

You know how your overall performance at work and in school can be affected by the presence of any type of headache. Throbbing pains at the head really can feel devastating, and could almost give a feeling like the head is going to explode.

Several symptoms of cervicogenic headaches include nausea and severe, stabbing, throbbing and pounding pain originating from the neck area up to the head. Pain originating from the inside or the back of the eyes can also be identified as cervicogenic in nature.

These headaches can occur occasionally. There are cases, however, that a patient suffers from regular episodes especially when the source of the headaches is not properly identified and appropriately dealt with.

There is also a growing number of patients who complain of such episodes. Treatment for cervicogenic headaches is not increasing in number, though.

Traumas and history

Other than those mentioned above, people who suffer from cervicogenic headaches can also have head traumas in the past. Severe head injuries in the past can strike back in the form of cervicogenic headaches.

No studies have yet found that such headaches can arise from hereditary causes. But if you have suffered from such before, you are susceptible to suffering from it again in the future. Otherwise, it still is of no guaranty that you would be spared from the painful head experience.

Treatment for cervicogenic headaches

The key to treating cervicogenic headaches lies in effective physical therapy. Services of expert spines therapists, particularly, should be sought if you are aiming to alleviate the pain completely or treat the disease.

It is not easy treating cervicogenic headaches. The devastating pain also leads difficulties in finding relief and eventually, cure. Neurologists are continuously striving to find the much needed treatment. Currently, there are available treatments but they are still too expensive and not easily accessible.

The most potent and common treatments for such headaches are in the form of injectible drugs. However, such injections should be carefully administered. As such, these injections are administered using x-ray guides to make sure the drug is injected at the appropriate area of the joint blocks.

Take note that the area around the neck is one of the most complex regions of the human anatomy. That is why, doctors and experts make sure that the injections to treat cervicogenic headaches are administered by highly skilled and competent professionals.

Any error in the injection can lead to more serious injuries and medical complications. As a patient, you should also take part in ensuring that the professional who would inject you with cervicogenic drugs should be well capable and credible in doing such a complicated activity.


There is no direct and identified prevention measures that could certainly help a person avoid episodes of cervicogenic headaches. However, as always, you are advised to take healthy diets, get proper sleep and reduce overall tension.

Regular consultation with your doctor and health monitoring initiatives can also be of great help. Being totally healthy, physically and mentally, can really do a lot of wonders. Start adopting a healthier lifestyle now.

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