Knowing When to Stop

By: Sarah Carlye

While some people struggle to loose weight and make time to walk, let alone follow a heavy workout schedule, others don’t know when to stop. It is not only the woman who is skin and bones or the guy who is spending every free moment in the gym that may be over doing it. Sometimes it is the overweight woman or the guy who does “binge” workouts (goes once in awhile, but doesn’t know when to stop).

The body needs rest to recover between hard workout sessions. In addition the body needs nutrition and hydration before and after a workout. Weight loss should be gradual and a workout shouldn’t leave you unable to move the next day. For those who are seriously training and want to maintain momentum, a casual walking at a slow pace would be a good break from bombarding the body with constant intense workouts. Doing too much, too hard, for too long can cause more damage than gain.

Some of the signs you didn’t know when to stop include one or more of the following:

• Decrease in body weight after reaching a healthy weight
• Susceptible to illness and infection
• Appetite decrease or no appetite
• Sleep problems and irregularities
• Fainting
• A heart rate that is elevated
• Fast weight loss
• Tender muscles
• Stomach ache and nausea

At the first signs of overdoing your workouts, you should give your body a rest. If you have neglected the signs that you were doing too much and didn’t working out, and the above signs are severe, you may need to contact a healthcare professional.

Slowing down is a good idea when you have over done it.

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