Know the signs of ovulation

By: George Velvet

It is important to state from the beginning that the signs of ovulation can differ from woman to woman. There are cases in which some women experience a great deal of signs at once, while others not even one. Luckily, there are many ways to spot the ovulation symptoms, as there are various occurring. Based on these, you will able to tell when it is a good time to start conceiving and how to understand your body better. In most cases, the signs are not difficult to trace, especially once you learn the most popular ones. Women who want to start getting pregnant can become rather stressed with their ovulation and their cycle, which is not a good thing, as it will certainly make the situation even harder.

In time, the most frequent signs of ovulation have been discovered and now they can be shared with every woman in the world. This is one of the best things that could have happened, as we donít have to live in uncertainty anymore. The first sign is represented by the changes that appear in the cervical mucus. When ovulation is getting close, the consistency and the amount of the mucus begin to change. It becomes somehow watery and with the consistency of the white raw egg. If you touch it, you will see it stretching out. When a woman is not ovulating, the mucus is sticky and sometimes even creamy, or it can be absent for that matter.

Among other popular ovulation symptoms is the body basal temperature. When women want to get pregnant, it is advised to check the temperature in the area more often. Due to progesterone, the body basal temperature starts rising, reaching the highest point immediately after ovulation. You can create a chart and start measuring your temperature, detecting better when you ovulating. Every woman has a thermometer in her house, so it can be used with this purpose in mind as well. The method is actually quite effective and you can be almost positive of the ovulation process.

Many women also experience breast tenderness and sensitiveness. This can happen before ovulation or even after. The body is getting ready for pregnancy and thus, the hormones are rushing through the body. Along other signs of ovulation, you can also be more attentive to your breasts and how they feel in different periods of time. Moreover, even researchers revealed the fact that women experience an increased sexual appetite when they are fertile. Usually, it takes places with a few days before ovulation, so you can start conceiving. Turns out that nature sure knows how things must be done.

Nowadays, thanks to advanced technology and the internet developments, there are many websites that have developed and implemented ovulation calculators. It works fairly simple as you have to enter some information about your cycle and such and it will give you an estimate time. However, there are ovulation test kits that can be purchased from a pharmacy as well. With all these ovulation symptoms and signs of ovulation, it should be easier for a woman to tell when time comes to get active.

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