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The body is flexible. It is supposed to be flexible. You must be able to bend and reach something you dropped on the floor. You must be able to zip to your favorite dress on your own. You must be able to come this book you must read the top shelf.

These are simple operations. Nothing great about you just a little tense. But if there are difficulties in making such proposals simple, you stretch your limits. You already need a stretching program.

What is stretching?

Stretching is simply the act of extending the length of the body or only a part of it. This activity involves reorganization or stretching of the structure or branches.

How can we stretch?

Stretching is fairly simple. As mentioned in the introduction, he is involved in normal activities. It can be done by all persons, regardless of age.

But the magnitude of stretching and nedbøjning differ. Strengthen muscles as a person ages. The range of joint movements can be minimized. This May and prevent over-the-go lifestyle. It is, therefore, that the person ages, bending or nedbøjning becoming increasingly limited. It is, therefore, stretching regularly, as part of a routine is very important.

Simple stretching can be done every day. It can be integrated into the lifestyle and daily activities. It does not take much of your time.

Stretching exercises can be done while training. In fact, stretching is an important part of any education or sports. It must be done first, before anything else. Stretch your body and members are good preparation for a more rigorous activity.

Most athletes will sit and reach, where the position on the ground, extend their legs and reach the edge of their foot with the tip their hand. In fact, most teachers actually require their athletes to really make it stretches before playing.

It is actually an ideal time to stretch. It is best to do it in 10 minutes. This will give the body enough opportunity to move and muscles flexible, so prepare for the most complex and difficult movements.

The experts, however, frown, when we go beyond 10 minutes. Stretching exercise for 30 minutes or more already wear body. It will not be favorable if we prepare for a game.

What are the benefits of stretching?

1st increase in the number of movements
As a stretch exercises, the length of the muscles and tendons are also increased. This will help broaden the range of your movement. Thus, members and joints will be able to move until the damage can take place. You are certainly in good physical shape.

2nd Increased ability to perform skills
When you have a wide range of movements, the more you'll be able to do several things. For example, you can jump high without feeling any pain at land on the ground. This will also help launch a new sport or improve more if you are in one. Extends this aspect also allows you to have a lifestyle more active.

3rd Injury Prevention
You can prevent damage to joints, tendons and muscles to stretch. When the muscles and tendons are flexed, they are considered in good condition. This will help to a faster recovery and reduced pain. The muscles in your body will be able to take more rigorous and exhausting movements with less risk of injury.

4th reduce muscle tension
If the muscles get their regular exercises and stretches, it is less likely to contract. This will help you any pain or problems.

5th Increase Energy
Being able to move more will give you more energy. Will also help raise your consciousness, as you know an organization that is capable of doing many things. As such, we must be more motivated to move rather than sulk in a corner.

Reduces cholesterol 6th
Research also shows that the extension stretching exercises such as yoga, help to reduce cholesterol in the body. This, of course be done with a healthy diet at hand. This may prevent and even reverse the hardening of the arteries, allowing you to avoid heart disease.

Incorporate stretching into your lifestyle every day. It benefits you can not say no to. It does not require much. It is your usual activities in May, bending and nedbøjning from time to time. After all, your conditioning is to do what it takes to keep your body healthy.

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