Know some facts about elderly panic alarms

By: Eric White

It is a common thing nowadays that senior people are left alone at home while all others go away to attend their duties. Children need to go to school or college and their parents need to go to their workplace. Only senior citizens are retired and stay at home to take a rest. Most of them will have health problems and are prone to fall prey to illness any time of the day for no reason at all. Though they are capable of looking after themselves to a certain extent, they have their own disabilities due to old age. However, there are so many elderly panic alarms for the senior citizens in the market that, when properly used, can get help immediately.

Elderly panic alarms for Medical Help

Among these electronic gadgets, those that are designed for getting immediate medical aid are the most important and the neediest devices for older people at home who are left alone. Let us see some facts regarding these devices:

In general, these devices come with three basic parts; a base station, an alarm or panic button, response center.
The panic button contains emergency contact numbers, medical history of the person wearing it, other important numbers and IDs.
These buttons are attached to the telephone which has a two way speaker units. When activated, base station attached to the telephone will get triggered and conversation with the responsible person at the other end will take place.
Medical personnel who attend the call will analyze the situation and arrange for immediate help.
This device is backed with sufficient battery power so that even during power cuts these response alarms seniors will work.
It is effective 24/7
Sensors are attached to some of these devices which will activate emergency transmitters which in turn will trigger the call for immediate help.
These buttons come in attractive shapes to wear as jewelry such as pendants, necklaces, wristwatches and more.
Fashion conscious people can get these buttons in customized shapes.
Most of the response alarms seniors can act within 400 to 600 feet so it is easy for response centers located in that range to pick up signals.
Some devices that come with advanced features have a passive alarm system. This sends regular status reports about that person and when these reports are not received for more than several hours, for example 12 hours, then, the concerned medical center will send a person to check the condition of the concerned patient.

These are perfect safety products for senior persons and so any family member or relative who is in search of some suitable gift item for them can purchase these medical alarm devices.

In this technologically advanced world, these gadgets are really a solace for the working people whose parents are left alone at home. They can be relaxed knowing that their aged parents are taken care of medically and they have their ‘friend in need’ with them all the time. Even the affected person who has this device with him will feel confident and be free from worries.

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There are so many elderly panic alarms for the senior citizens in the market that, when properly used, can get help immediately.

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