Know how much is a catalytic converter before you sell one

By: Adair Sawyer

Catalytic converter is a device in the underside of vehicles that converts toxic emissions into harmless forms before releasing them in the air. Through a redox reaction, harmful gases like carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen are reduced to carbon dioxide and elemental nitrogen, respectively. Catalytic converters are used more in case the gas you use is of inferior quality and can become faulty within a short period. Therefore, they need to be changed in some time. This may result in your garage getting piled up with a large number of used catalytic converter. Thinking of disposing them off? You can go to a local scrap dealer or recycling agency who will buy your used converters. Either way, before you take the decision find out how much is a catalytic converter worth as a scrap.

A catalytic converter which has got clogged with carbon is a bad converter. And, a bad converter can do more harm to your car. Apart from heating up the car it can give you low mileage and even stall the car sometimes. Of course, the effect on the environment from the pollution your car creates is better not said. A replacement is the only choice left with you. You can save your used catalytic converters for selling once you get a good deal. And talking about good deals, keep the thought of going to the local scrap dealer at the farthest corner of your mind. These unscrupulous dealers will pay you nothing and will mint money by selling them elsewhere. Now you are getting interested and curious as well wondering how can a scrap item be worth so much as to invite a deliberation on the disposal process? To find an answer you need to know what a converter is made up of. That will give you an idea of how much is a catalytic converter actually worth even after losing its viability.

Tucked within the exhaust system the catalytic converter looks like a muffler in shape. This tiny contraption is laden with costly metals like palladium, platinum and rhodium. When these combine with the exhaust fumes a chemical reaction sets off which lowers the level of toxicity in the gas. Now, that gives an idea about the real worthiness of this uninteresting looking piece of wonder. Used catalytic converters will still have the metals loaded but would be either clogged or cracked and not performing the task it is meant for. That would mean a drive down to the service station for a replacement. But, now that you know what a converter is worth donít leave the used piece at the car garage. Search on the net for a good recycling company who will buy the pieces from you. You can discuss with them to find out how much is a catalytic converter valued so that you get a fair deal.

The agency will arrange to get the used catalytic converters picked up from your house or you can arrange the freight yourself. The payment would be made to you within 3 or 4 working days. The agency will assess your stuff to decide how much is a catalytic converter and then settle the payment. When you car stalls and stutters the next time you know it time to call the service station and the recycling agency.

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It is important to know how much is a catalytic converter worth before you decide to sell used catalytic converter.

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