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Everyone desires to look good and prefect. People all around the world wish to boost their assets and lessen their imperfections or flaws. A person with perfect features and figure has a unique charisma and appeal. Some of us are born with perfect features but others are not so fortunate. Our facial features determine our looks. All over the globe people are fascinated with the results of cosmetic surgery procedures. People with imperfections in their facial features wish to rectify these by seeking the help of cosmetic surgery procedures. One such very popular procedure is rhinoplasty.
Gone are the days when such advanced cosmetic procedures were available only in the western countries. Nowadays, the facilities of Rhinoplasty in India are of world class standards. People from other countries come to India and have these cosmetic procedures done by the reputed cosmetic surgeons. The cost of cosmetic surgeries like Rhinoplasty and Liposuction in India is lesser than other countries. This does not mean that any compromise is made in terms of surgical qualities, overall safety and after care facilities. More and more people want to rectify their nose and figure by opting for these highly advanced cosmetic procedures.
Rhinoplasty also known as a “nose job” is actually a cosmetic surgery procedure that is performed to handle the imperfections in the nose areas. With this surgery the cosmetic surgeons try to attain conceptual visual balance and proportion of the patient’s face. Mostly this nose surgery procedure is used to enhance the size, profile of the nose, width, nasal tip and nostrils. A cosmetic surgeon may use either open or close procedure for this surgery. After all the necessary alternations on the nasal structure are completed by the surgeon, nasal skin and tissues are repositioned and incisions are made.
This is a quick procedure that takes almost 3 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Time of recovery usually takes around a fortnight. Most of the people return to their normal routines after two to three weeks of this surgery. The pain caused due to surgery is minor and can be taken care off with medication. Most of the bruises and inflammation tends to heal after fifteen days. Apart from rectifying the nose to look better, there are some other reasons also for people to opt for this surgery. A deviated septum may cause nasal drainage that may lead to painful headaches, sleep apnea as well as difficulty in breathing. This surgery can fix sleep apnea and sinus problems. Clinically this branch of rhinoplasty is called “Septoplasty”.
Liposuction is another very popular cosmetic surgery procedure. Right from celebrities to ordinary people the desire to attain a good figure has made this procedure a great success. Liposuction also known as the figure correction surgery is basically used to get rid of the stubborn fat deposits from various problem areas. Procedures like Liposuction in India are available at affordable cost. There are many cosmetic surgeons who provide world class facilities for Rhonoplasty in India as well.

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