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Pedicure is a grooming therapy for the feet and toenails. Pedicure can be done by both men and women. Basically, pedicure is a method to improve the look of your feet. The methods for a normal pedicure are; first the feet are washed properly, then scrubbing and massaging of your feet is followed. Then the nails are perfectly trimmed and nail polish is applied. Then the nail treatment is ended with reflexology and moisturizing of feet. Pedicure help in preventing nail infections such and corn and other nail disorders. There are many types of pedicures and the most known pedicures are French pedicure, spa pedicure and paraffin wax pedicure. However, here are some of the pedicure spa chair which will sooth your feet and relax your body too. They are mentioned below with some details:
Pedicure spa chair:
Electric massaging pedicure chair: The material used in this electric pedicure spa chair is synthetic leather. They are equipped with liberation (body) and foot massage. They provide sea salt bath and foot remedy liquor bath. They also provide kneading massage and the chair are adjustable as they can be moved to any angle. They even have ozone (O3) sterilization.

Electric bed remote control pedicure chair: The electric bed remote control pedicure chair consist of four motors. The chair can go up and down in backrest, front rest and adjustable to any angle. The section of head on the chair has breathing hole. They are equipped with face pillow which is removable and they have good stability and durability. The front and backrest can adjust easily and the material employed for this pedicure spa chair is polyurethane leather.

Multi-function pedicure spa chair: The materials used for the multi-function spa pedicure chair are glass, formwork and sponge etc. They have four airbags and four vibration massage facility on the seat. They are equipped with mechanized device which can go up and down and they are used for multi-function massages. They provide various types of massages such as knocking, kneading and shiatsu. The armrest can go up till 90 degree and the armrest comes with a tray. They even have a controller which helps the backrest and seat to adjust in any angle. This pedicure chair also consists of mp3 player. They have pipeless jet with fiberglass.

Basin foot pedicure chair: The basin of the pedicure chair is made of fiberglass. The main features of the basin foot pedicure spa chair are; they are equipped with four flexible massaging wheels for different massages such as rolling, kneading and tapping. The massaging wheels are adjustable and so, you can even adjust the wheels in any upward and downward directions. The position of the chair is adjustable as it can be moved to front and back movement with the help of the remote control. The airbags are placed in seat cushion and back section of the chair. They are durable, transparent coat on the fiberglass and they are equipped with pipeless jet.

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Pedicure is a grooming therapy for the feet and toenails. Pedicure can be done by both men and women for, pedicure spa chair.

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