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Cognac is a kind of brandy, which is produced in France. The name is used for describing any fine class brandy. They are often served as after-dinner drinks in large glasses in many restaurants. After getting them on your table, just don’t drink it like you drink whisky. First enjoy its strong small and then take tiny sips to allow it to be relished for a long time.

Brandy, on the other hand, is an alcoholic drink, which is manufactured by distilling wine or any other fermented fruit juice. This term has its roots in German language. It means distil or to burn. This kind of drink contains 30-60% alcohol.

There are mainly three kinds of brandy—grape brandies like cognac, fruit brandies that is made with fermented juice of other fruits like calvados, which is made with fermenting apple juice, kirschwasser made by fermenting cheery juice and such others; and pomace brandies, which is produced by fermenting and distilling seeds, discarded skins and grapes stems that have been used for making wine.

Cognac is basically an area in France that is located about 400kms southwest to Paris and 120kms north part of Bordeaux. The region has about 15,000 vineyards, which specializes in the growth of white grapes. These grapes ripen slowly and produce acidic wine with a very low alcohol content. It is these grapes that serve as the raw ingredient for the finest quality brandy, cognac.

When the sugars in white grapes start fermenting, alcohol gets created. This is actually the wine. It is then distilled. First, it’s heated in a closed copper cauldron on an open flame. Its vapours rise to top of cauldron and go through a pipe. They get transformed and condensed to liquid in the pipe and then gets passed through another distillation method. This double distillation method, which is used for making cognac, was the innovation of Jacques de la Croix-Maron. Finally, this variety of alcoholic drink is piped to oak barrels and then left for aging. This process carries for about ten years. It loses some of its volume and alcoholic content during the process. The colour of the liquid turns to yellow with aging. After ten long years when the process of aging comes to an end, the finished brandy is placed into a glass bottles.

Now that you know what is the difference between these two, there are few more things like how to drink it, how to store its bottle etc, which you should know about or have knowledge about.

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