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By: Brenian Chew

Before, people would not associate as a healthy drink but recent studies showed that it could be beneficial to the body as well. People may not know about coffee that much but according to studies, coffee drinkers has low risk of getting diseases like heart ailments, diabetes and liver disease. The American Medical Association concluded that regular drinkers of coffee have low risk of getting Type 2 diabetes. Coffee by nature is a natural anti-oxidant. It has the qualities that are capable of controlling the further damage of the cells that contributes to the growth of a disease.

According to blogs about coffee, people who drink two to four cups of coffee a day are less likely prone to heart ailments than those who are not in the habit of drinking coffee. However, once the consumption of coffee increased which is more than six cups a day, the benefits you get from drinking coffee are reduced. Again, when the person reaches the controlling age and has vices like drinking alcohol and smoking as long as they drink coffee from a cup to five cups a day still, the risk of death is reduced. The study shows that coffee drinkers have 15% to 19% less death risk compared to none coffee drinkers. If only people know everything about coffee, for sure they will make it a habit of drinking coffee every day. A recent analysis of researchers found out that the antioxidants present in coffee are more than those you get from a regular serving of oranges, berries and grape juice. The anti-inflammatory properties of coffee are the contributing factor in getting low risk of liver cancer and cirrhosis that are caused by alcohol.

Now, there is a need to spread the knowledge on the benefits of coffee. Once a person knows all about coffee, with the allotted number of cups per day, a person has the benefit of having low risk of endangering their lives from certain diseases. However, too much caffeine can be bad for the body as well. Experts believe that more than the required consumption can have negative health effects.

Coffee comes in different varieties. You can have the mild and smooth flavor or you can choose the dark roast flavor. Furthermore, you can put some zest in your coffee by adding different flavors such as hazelnut or vanilla. By choosing any of these kinds of coffee, you will surely enjoy drinking from two cups to four cups of coffee which is still on the healthy level.

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