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Romanians have a particular way of cooking, and their food is absolutely delicious if you get it in the right place and it is cooked the right way. Romanian restaurants can be found nowadays all over the world and they serve the best traditional Romanian food made by Romanian cooks after special recipes of Romanian cuisine. Before big important holidays like Christmas and Easter or others, Romanians have a fasting period, which means no animal products are allowed on the table. That means that for some well-determined days they can purify their body, as fasting periods are not for eating fat, not for eating eggs nor other type of animal products. Sometimes, on particular Sundays of the fasting periods, which are determined and written down in the orthodox calendar, Romanians are allowed to eat fish. What the fasting period does is prepare the body for the fat and delicious food, which is cooked in every house for the holidays. Women and men start cooking the food days before the holiday, especially before Christmas, when the pork is the basic element for the traditional food. There are all sorts of products made of pork, traditional sausages and others. No part of the pig remains untransformed. The condiments used in preparing the meat are the usual ones, salt, pepper, garlic etc. but the Romanian cooking recipes are special. For more details go to If you visit a Romanian restaurant, you can enjoy all the delights of the traditional Romanian food. Ask the waiter to recommend you something or just try the famous stuffed cabbage with "polenta" and sour cream. The noodle traditional soups and "cobra" (broth) are famous all over the world. Also, if you happen to have Romanian friends, ask them to tell you about all the beautiful customs that make the holidays brighter. About all the Christmas carols and the New Year poems that are said on the first day of the new year by groups of men and boys, who go from house to house to give joy and happiness as well as a lot of positive energy and thoughts to the hosts. If you are trying to excite your senses, do not avoid trying out the Romanian food. Recipes for Romanian food can be found online too; all you have to do is use a search engine the right way and start cooking. For more details go to It is not hard at all and the results will be absolutely to your satisfaction. Dare to taste the Romanian products and if you ever have the chance, visit that beautiful country. Not only the food, but also the attitude of the Romanians is one to enjoy - they are very hospitable and generally have a positive attitude towards life itself. The surroundings, especially in the mountains and the sights are amazing and you can find nice restaurants all over the country. Plenty of food to enjoy, and it is delicious. You will have to be careful though because you might gain weight very fast. No matter if you try it at home, or at your friend’s house or anywhere else in the world, Romanian food is great and very tasty. Find Romanian cooking recipes and make them a part of your life as well as a part of your family’s lives. Your family will enjoy and surely appreciate it!

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