Know About Maritime Piracy and Security Measures

By: Shyam Paliwal

According to the news of the Piracy Reporting center of the International Maritime Bureau, maritime piracy has been a growing concern in many countries and is quite strongly in the news, especially in the recent years.

Till the end of the year 2008, pirates have been operating their business from the Somalian coasts and the major incident that happened during that time was when the Somali rebels hijacked a Russian ship filled with tanks and super tanker carrying oil as well.

But the above incident did not draw as much international attention as it was needed. Later in the year 2009 more than twelve countries around the world deployed navies on the Gulf of Aden in order to fight the issue of maritime piracy. The United Nations passed four important resolutions on the anti piracy issue during this time.

In 2009, the United States navy took one Somali pirate captive and killed three while they were on a rescue operation of a captain who has been taken hostage by the Somali pirates. The Somali pirates generally operate on four important areas. These are:

The Gulf of Guinea that lies near Nigeria and Nigerian River Delta
The Gulf of Aden that lies near Somalia and the southern part of the Red Sea
The Malacca Strait that lies between Malaysia and Indonesia
The Indian Subcontinent between Sri Lanka and India.

With the growing numbers of the reported hijacks in the sea, hostages and killings by the Somali pirates, it thus became an imperative requirement to have piracy insurance for the ships and the tankers while they are in the sea. Hence, a few insurance companies these days issue insurances for the maritime piracy.

Over the years, few more maritime security companies have come up with insurances for maritime piracy and many other related things to assist in various ways possible. To fight against the Somalia piracy solution, the Maritime security companies have devised various essential courses that would help the sailors to combat the pirates if required.

There are various courses related to combating the kidnap and ransom issues. The maritime security companies provide the most latest and up-to-dated shipping news to all their members from time to time. This helps the sailors to prepare themselves and to avoid a coming danger while in the sea. These companies also provide the members with maritime software that helps them to track the pirate boats from a very long distance.

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