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By: edward fery

Like in my previous article (which must be posted by our content manager to some article directories) obviously you would not have read that one, so pardon me. I will be explaining in this post about the kinds of websites and if time remains then I will also explain the difference between kinds and types of websites.
Usually in the past, and still to some extent today, static sites are used. While, due to availability of modern technology and modern languages like HTML 5 and CSS 3 and also other languages like JQuery, people can now make dynamic websites or host different modern scripts in their static websites to make them dynamic.
I will first explain about the static websites. So let’s start…
Static websites:
Static word, as we know means, ‘motionless’ or ‘at a standstill’. Just like that static sites are motionless and are only coded on the server side and use the same script on the client side, there are no changes at all.
A good example will be of an old book or a printed newspaper, if someone reads them he will get the same information and will see the same content as that of another person who had read the paper way before him.
In case of static website, they are just like an old book because they will remain the same without any changes after years. And will deliver the same content to all people.
The benefits of static websites are that they are easy to build. Anyone with simple knowledge of programming can make them easily.
However, they have disadvantages too, first of all they are not easy to customize and cannot be changed or handled easily by using CMS. Secondly, data are combined in the coding of the website that makes them both difficult to isolate and difficult to customize.
Normally, 80% of internet is made up of these static websites. Because in the old days there was not much concept of designing and people used to just make websites to post their content online and make the site viral so that content can be shared with other people.
These days, most old informative sites and those sites with content in abundance are static websites.
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