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By: edward fery

In this article I will be telling about the dynamic websites. Which are new to many users but they are a sort of modern technology that is being used by many websites. Normally, those sites which are using dynamic websites are bigger firms that need a lot of data to be accessed online. And in simple terms we can say online services like encyclopedias, web mail servers and other account holding sites are normally made on dynamic sites. Many corporate logo design services provide dynamic website services.
So let’s start our article…
What is a dynamic website?
Dynamic website, unlike a static website delivers dynamic information that can be changed according to user preferences. In order to understand the concept in a better way we can take the example of a book, a book that can be updated by adding a single page to it. Just like that dynamic websites can be updated very easily.
Also, this book has pictures, games and the survey questions that show different information to different users. In this way the websites made in dynamic way can be updated easily.
How content and code are kept separately:
In a dynamic website, content is not pasted in the webpage between the codes. Instead it’s in a database and is retrieved from that database with the help of a server side code.
No webpage actually exists on the server:
IN a dynamic website, pages do not actually exist on the server instead they are made in the browser of the viewer when he clicks on any link.
Moreover, they are easier to update as compared to static websites. Only the content has to be added into the database and the website is updated with more content.
Coding of a Dynamic Website:
Dynamic website is easier to update however is difficult to make. Making it, takes time and is a time consuming process. Languages like PHP, ASP, Perl and JavaScript are used to make dynamic website.
A quick method is creating a dynamic website by Content management system such as Wordpress and Joomla or Drupal. It’s easier and don’t need heavy coding knowledge.
Advantages of Dynamic Web Sites:
The advantages of dynamic website are that they can handle more complex tasks like video sharing, image hosting, E-commerce and many more. They are easier to update and isolation in design allows developers and content writers to work separately.

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