Kicking Addiction Through Inpatient Addiction Rehabilitation

By: Ben Pate

Addiction runs rampant in society today. These addictions can be in the form of a substance like drugs or alcohol, or in the form of behavior. No matter the addiction, anyone afflicted needs help. These addictions eventually take over a person's life. In order to get their lives back addicts need to seek treatment at an inpatient rehabilitation center. This will ensure recovery and if completed properly will give addicts their lives back.


There are many kinds of addictions, the most common surround drugs and alcohol. An addiction takes over a person's life. Not only does an addiction affect their body physically, it effects relationships with family and friends and has a major impact on the mental health and status of an addict.


Due to the impact of substance abuse on the body one of the first steps to recovery is the alcohol detox process. This process allows the addict to gradually come off of their substance of choice and allows their body to cleanse itself. It is a very dangerous process which is why medical supervision is a necessity. This ensures the safety of the addict.


Once an individual suffering from an addiction, be it drug abuse or alcohol abuse, goes through detox, the real recovery can begin. Rehabilitation comes from the French, to live, so basically it is teaching people how to live again. Those who suffer from addiction have been living their life solely for their addiction. Once that is taken away they need to find a renewed purpose and need to learn how to function again in society. Rehabilitation helps them accomplish this.


An aspect of rehab is counseling. Counseling helps the recovering individual cope with the loss of their addiction and will gives them the tools and resources they need to stay sober. There are always underlying factors that lead to an addition, counseling allows an individual to explore those reasons. Co-occurring disorders are very common with substance abuse, depression and PTSD are very common, and it's important that these are treating simultaneously.


Therapy can be conducted in a variety of settings. There is group therapy where addicts, as a group, will cope with feelings of addiction and withdrawal. There is also individual therapy which is similar to counseling but a more intensive level. There are different approaches to therapy as well. Sometimes people choose a more holistic approach.


The only way to a successful recovery is to fully complete an addiction recovery program. Completion does not mean when the inpatient rehab is over. Aftercare refers to the care after inpatient treatment that deals with addiction issues. It is important for those in recovery to seek these services out and use them. They will continue the education process regarding recovery and instill more tools and resources that will lead to a successful recovery and a happy healthy life.

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When it comes to kicking addiction, inpatient addiction rehab is the surest way to go. The tools and resources provided in the rehabilitation center are invaluable and will last a lifetime. In addition to the tools and resources, friendships are made.

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