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One of the best mining tools is a broaching. There are various tools involved in cutting and shaping of anything and to shape those shaping tools various other tools are also required. If the shaping tools are not properly shaped it would not perform the desired function well. It is like a box in the tool box.

We never thought so deeply for requirement of such tools but they were actually needed and the time called up for its requirement. Such tools used for shaping other tools are called broaches. To give a particular shape to anything after implementing the shaping tool broaches are used up to create fine edges. The whole process of giving a perfect shape to any object is called broaching. Like saws are used for cutting the wood similarly broaches perform he function of shaping. Each broaching tool consists of various teeth which would vary in size. There would be smaller teeth as well as larger ones and they are present at the end part of these tool. There placement on the structure of these tool is according to the requirement of the design. To create a particular design a broach has to be put up in particular way. The process of broaching is faster than saw.

There are two types of broaches:

Surface broaches

Internal broaches

Surface broaches can be further categorized in to 5 parts:
Straddle broach – useful for cutting 2 parallel sides at the same time.

Slab broach – useful in forming flat surfaces. The broach is designed to form a flat surface.

Slot broach – many designs demands various dimensions to be cut out. When various slots have to be cut from various dimensions slot broaches are used.

Contour broach – to cut a mirror shape this broach is very useful. It is specialized in cutting irregular surfaces.

Pot broach – to cut a cylindrical object pot broach is used. The outer axis of the cylindrical object is cut out with this broach.

Internal Broaches can be further subdivided in to following parts:

Solid broaches Keyway broaches
Shell broaches
Modular broaches
Concentricity broaches
Cut and re- cut broaches

The overall process of broaching consists of four types of operations which are very important for any object on which broaching is performed.. These are:

pull down broaching,
pot broaching,
push broaching and
surface broaching

These parts are strongly clamped to the machine. The other employment of broaching is required in cutting square keyways or round splines. Such broaches which perform these tasks are called keyway broaches. To cut a square keyway, a keyway broach is extremely important. Each and every broaching tool has its own specific function and they are designed accordingly. They are designed keeping in mind various dimensions and angles of the object.

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