Key Strategies Affiliate Marketers Need!

By: Tim McCoy

For newbies, and pro's, in the internet marketplace, affiliate programs offer the greatest possibility to earn a substantial income to the participant.
Nearly every mass appealing product or service online offers an Affiliate Program or an MLM payout that encourages small business people to sell those products and/or services to others.
The promise of these Affiliate Programs and MLM's for making money on the internet is alluring, however, fewer than 5% of all participants will have any success! Fewer still (less than 1%) will ever break the $1000 per month threshold!
Why such poor results?

  1. Lack of trying.

  2. Failure to learn.

  3. Selling without incorporating networking strategies.

  4. Building a network but disregarding sales.

  5. inability to duplicate.

Most people think all they have to do is create a half-hearted landing page and "Abracadabra," millions are rolling in! When that doesn't happen, the Affiliate gets labeled by them as a "unsuccessful" Tossing a banner on their website just isn't going to cut it! Additionally, I see marketers using ads that they haven't tested. Running a couple of ads you think are great, usually doesn't get the job done.
Prosperous Affiliates and MLM'ers require much more than half hearted attempts at marketing any program, pnline or off!
It is a well accepted fact that in order to become a brain surgeon, you must go to college, then medical school, then internship (I think it takes about 9 years to complete). Most every profession has certain requirements to qualify to be able to perform the duties of that profession. An electrician has to take a test and study as an apprentice, a teacher needs to have a masters degree in education etc. Becoming an internet marketer is no different. There are certain skill set that are needed in order to be successful. There is also a certain set of "learning curves" that need to happen to learn what should be avoided.
What's suprising is some of these very well educated people will come online and think they can just start a successful online business without learning the do's and don'ts. Failure soon follows! I believe the problem occurs because it is so easy to access the internet and almost everyone knows how to navigate, pay bills, buy online, and socialize on the web. Those are not enough qualifications for starting an online enterprise. Think of it this way: "just because you know how to drink coffee, doesn't mean you can own a Starbucks franchise!"
Skills needed to become a successful online entrepreneaur there are several skills required. Some of these are: at least a little knowledge of web design, graphics design, copy writing, marketing research, promotion, advertising, customer service and many other areas. Also knowledge internet protocol like SEO (search engine optimization), web traffic patterns, direct email marketing, socialization, and networking with others.
Of course you can always contracthire a professional to do these skills, but unless you have lots of money to spend it's best that you learn as much as you can!
Internet Marketing can be put on steriods if you can develop a network of affiliates underneath you.
You are able to sell a certain amount of products or services to some consumer, while a team of people who can each sell just as many products or services as you. Your income potential exponentially explodes then. Affiliate Programs and the MLM programs earn a small percentage from the sales from all of the people in your network of sellers.
Without a network, your potential earnings are limited by the number of products and services you can sell by yourself.
In most Affiliate or MLM Programs, the first tier will generally net you a 10% to 20% cut of all of the products and services your first tier people sell. With only five sellers underneath of you on your first tier, you are at the minimum capable of doubling your monthly income.


Going one step furthur, building a network with the sole focus of building another network loses sight of the big picture, SALES! Without sales, the networks are useless. No matter the size of your network, no income can be earned until someone sells a product or service!
I've seen networks of over 10,000 with sales that were less than what a good marketer can do on their own. Sales are the only way to a paycheck.
Once you find what works, duplicate it! The catch phrase is "Rinse and Repeat!
As you are continuing to learn you discover formulas that work for you, then you have to refine these formulas, and repeat the whole process with a different product.
Duplication is the process of actually doing exactly what is required to make money, no more and no less.
You must avoid the common pitfalls of Affiliate Programs and MLM's. It is up to you to do what it takes to succeed in making money online. It is up to you to develop the skills necessary for success.
Making the decision to become an Affiliate Marketer is much like making the choice to become an engineer. You must resign yourself to the fact that education is the only way to succeed in the Internet Marketing arena.

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