Key Facts about Ants Explained

By: Vikram Kuamr

Many people are not friends with ants because they are associated with destruction. It is not always welcome scenery when an anthill sits right in the house but many facts about the insect remain unknown to the world. They can outwit human beings in very many ways key among that being ability to survive under very hostile conditions. This article will discuss some of the facts about ants and you will get to learn a few new things about this insect. They are light in weight but the objects they carry with their bodies can be fifty times more than their actual weight. That is a very interesting fact that not many people will believe easily. This is one of the creatures that use their small body size to maximum benefit.

The fact is that muscles of ants are thicker and that helps them to produce extra force thus allowing them to carry big objects. Soldier ants are responsible for maintaining security in their hills by using their modified heads. They position themselves right at the entrance to make sure no intruder gets in. The worker ants know how to communicate with the soldier ant upon return by touching the head. That will send a signal that it is one of them and not an intruder. Many people have been wondering how ants protect themselves under the nest but you now have the idea. It is believed that ants eat up all plants but no, you need to know about this fact.

There are certain species of ants that instead of eating plants, they defend them with the favor of getting shelter and food in return. This is one of the interesting facts about ants that a predator can protect its prey. These plants are called myrmecophytes and have hollows at the central part where ants take refuge. As they live there, the ants will feed on sugary secretions produced by the plants while at the same time ensuring the herbivores donít fed on the plants. Are you aware that some species of ants hold others captive and force them to do chores on their behalf? It will be very interesting for you to know this fact because itís something happening continually.

It happens mostly between species but can also occur even within the same species but rarely. Who between the ants and human beings were the first to farm? Many will say human beings but the fact is that ants were the first before humans to practice farming. About 50 million years before humans could know there is something like farming; ants had already perfected the art with evidence showing ants began farming around 70 million years back. These facts about ants might be hard for anyone to believe but they are true.

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The little you know about ants is not significant so you need to research more and learn about several other Facts About Ants . People have been reluctant to explore this insect but you have the opportunity to break the ice by unearthing the facts. You will also get to know about the many Types of Ants .

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