Kennedy, Clinton and Obama – three presidents, one story

By: Deonte

What is it that makes a good president? Is it an advanced age or experience? Is it maybe the leading abilities or a kaleidoscope of skills and competencies that one can show only when being a President?
Citizens of the US have accepted and voted for many presidents. But it seems that every now and then history is being rewritten. Maybe in different ways and maybe in different letters, but the parallelism is often unavoidable.
In 1960 a charming and eloquent politician announced that was running for President. His name was John F. Kennedy, or JFK. He was young and definitely different. He was articulate, fervent, impassionate, young, inexperienced… and Catholic. How different could he be from Nixon who was also running for presidency the same year? Many conservatives or typical Americans of the time ignored him or rejected his exceptional manners and idiosyncrasy.
Kennedy encouraged people to serve their country, rather than expecting the country to do something for them. This was inspiring and hit home for many Americans. He offered people hope and vision and that was enough. When he became a president things seemed to change for a while. At least while he was alive.
Several years later another young man decided to run for President. Many people stressed not only his youth but also his rhetorical ability. Who can become a good President when such an avid declaimer? Running against Bush he was atypical and different. Something else. Eight years later, Bill Clinton left the White House after two terms during which the US people lived a prosperous, peaceful and satisfying life. Once again, a different man managed to bring hope to younger and mature citizens.
Nowadays, history is rewritten in Washington. Barack Obama is the current President of the United States. How different could he be? He is not experienced, has not executive background, he is very young, he didn’t serve in the military and he is extremely good speaker. The crowds are mesmerised by his speeches. He is considered to be a celebrity because he is popular all over the world.
But Obama is not like the others. He is not a typical American President – at least not as we knew them until now. His name is foreign and weird. He was born and raised by a single mother. And what tops everything is that he is Black.
But again, he is gifted. He speaks to the hearts of the young people, those who need to start their adult life having a dream, a vision, and hope. Young people reject discrimination and fears related to this ‘variety’. They need someone who can show them that this over complicated world is worth trying for. Young people want to re-shape the world and need a powerful hand to help them. They want to reverse the mess of the previous disturbing and frustrating years and they need a leader, a visionary, someone different. He is here and he is ready to inspire them and give them the much needed hope to move on.

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