Keeping Your Pool Safe and Hygienic

By: Pierce Halsey

If you are fortunate enough to have a swimming pool in your home then this will be a fantastic feature that makes you most likely the envy of every visitor who comes round. Using a swimming pool you will be able to enjoy getting exercise in a way that's actually fun and not a chore, and you will be able to host some of the best parties in the neighbourhood.

However in order to benefit from these things you also need to make sure that you have spent time and energy in maintaining and cleaning your swimming pool so that it is as safe and hygienic as possible and so that you don't risk illness or injury. Here we will look at some ways to do that.

First of all one important thing to do is to make sure that you get a regular pool service to come around and maintain your pool. Using a swimming pool service you can ensure your pool is clean at all times as well as making sure that you get early warning of any potential problems such as cracks or things that could cause you to trip or get caught underwater. At the same time your swimming pool service can make sure that everything is working such as your swimming pool heaters and can maintain your chlorine levels.

That said it is still possible to get mess in pools and even if you have swimming pool service workers around often you should still try to avoid letting your pool become unnecessarily unclean in the first place. One way you can avoid this is by using some strict rules to avoid people from getting dirt or other things in the pool. For instance if you have young children in the pool then make sure they understand just unhygienic it is to urinate in the pool and remind them that at some point they will probably drink some of that water and swim with their eyes open. Likewise you can add other policies such as hosing down feet before getting in the pool to prevent grass and dirt coming in with you and to avoid the spread of verruca.

When the pool is not being used of course it's important to cover it up with a pool cover and this can help you to avoid leaves and dirt collecting in the pool when it isn't being used.

Likewise it's similarly important to make sure that you keep the surrounding edges of your pool safe and clear so that there are no slip or trip hazards which could otherwise cause someone to bang their head and fall into the pool which is of course dangerous. Keep the area clean and clear then and encourage kids to tidy up after themselves.

It's also important to enforce some general rules around the pool and these mean things like no running and no diving unless it's deep enough and your children are old enough. Finally be sure to always have someone supervising any children in the pool.

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