Keeping Your Car Super Clean

By: Leslie Francis

Having a clean car is an important way to improve your reputation and to make the best first impression on people. In many ways having a clean car is like having a clean home and people will look at your car and then judge how up together and how organized the person is. If you have a very unclean and damaged looking car, then people will automatically think that you don't take care of it, and by extension they will assume you don't take care of yourself, of your home etc. In short this will greatly affect the way other people deal with you. And besides when you've spent so much on your car, why not look after it and ensure it looks its best?

So how do you keep your car looking the very best it can? Well the answer is of course to get it cleaned regularly and to avoid getting it dirtier than necessary. To achieve the former, and to make sure it doesn't collect dirt you should make sure to get a regular car wash. These tend to be inexpensive and can be found pretty much anywhere, but with a professional car wash you will find your vehicle comes out looking shiny and new without your having to exert yourself at all to accomplish that. At the same time if you take your car to a professional car wash hen you will get a much better level of cleanliness than you could achieve yourself after all these are professionals with industrial tools and lots of experience whereas you are probably inexperienced and in a hurry to do other things.

At the same time though you can also keep your car cleaner by just avoiding the dirt and mess in the first place. For instance then you should definitely invest in a garage and off road parking. Parking your car outside with no shelter can leave it exposed to bird manure, sap, dirty rain and many other things that will make a mess of it. If you don't have space or the finances to build yourself a garage, then you can always get around this by getting a fabric shelter or a temporary shelter, or even just covering your car up with a tarpaulin on your drive.

Likewise you need to be careful and strategic when you park your car elsewhere and this way you can avoid needing the car wash as often. For instance if you are parking your car on a road side or in a car park, then you should take time to carefully look at what you are parking underneath. For instance if you are parking underneath a big tree then you should expect to find your car covered in leaves and dirt as well as sap and bird droppings. On the other hand if you can park underneath a canopy of some sort then you might be able to protect your car from all sorts of projectiles and hazards. Even parking next to a wall to shelter you from wind can help a lot.

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