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By: Robin Lopes

Keeping abreast of what's new on the music scene, and celebrity news within it, may seem easy with all the available sites and options online. However, finding one that predicts what will happen on the scene as well as showcasing upcoming talent, so that you get a bite of what's going to happen before it happens, isn't!

So, how to find it?

Firstly consider what genre you are looking for. Are you seeking general mainstream music, or something more specific? A good place to look is in music blogs. Bloggers who enjoy a specific music scene will usually do all the hard work for you and have a desire to share their finds. Use a search engine to type in the genre or style of music you are looking for and add "blog" to the keyword, such as "indie artist blog", or "new artist blog", for example. You will be amazed at what a search engine will turn up! Another good source is via music forums. There are many music genre forums about, and being a member can be a good way of discussing what you are searching for, and help you find good sites that keep you up-to-date with your favorite music style from Indie music to rock.

There are also sites that cover blogging as well as having a forum for discussion, which help creates a more community vibe. You can discuss with fellow forum members showcased bands, upcoming news, and debate about what merits one band has over another. You can keep up with some underground gossip and find out what is secretly buzzing on the music scene. This kind of site is also a good way to find out when and where new upcoming bands are playing, so that you can go along and find out for yourself if they really are something worth buzzing about. At times you may get an opportunity to find out about small venues that established bands are playing an informal or impromptu set at. An overall music site like this will keep you informed about up and coming bands, news as well as predictions. Will provide you with relevant industry news, interviews, an online platform for discussion, and, if you are lucky, downloadable content.

Sites which showcase new talent and help launch bands into mainstream music are invaluable to the music industry. There are so many talented musicians unable to gain a foothold in the industry due to lack of funds and management. Community sites can be a place to spread the word on new talent and bypass many of the problems associated with trying to get signed up to a management team.

So, rather than be a sheep and follow what is already out there, why not have a hunt around to find sites which showcase something underground. If you have a real passion for music, then do something a little bit alternative. Your support can help new talent get the step up the ladder they need, and you can feel good knowing you were on the scene, before the scene was even established!

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