Keep Your Vehicle Planted On The Road With K-Mac Anti-Sway Bars

By: Statham John

One of the important components of a vehicle’s suspension apart from coil springs and shocks or struts is the anti-sway bar. These bars connect the left and right suspension to the frame. This helps to distribute the weight equally on all four wheels while turning. K-Mac’s front & rear bolt-on or uprated anti-sway bars are designed to enhance driving performance and allows for better traction. So, if you don’t want your vehicle to handle like the Titanic or Queen Mary you ought to pay attention to purchasing quality anti-sway bars. They are just perfect for motor homes, campervans, pickup trucks, and SUVs.
Improve stability with anti-sway bars
Adding a set of K-Mac anti-sway bars will improve your vehicle’s stability and tracking especially while cornering. This will also give you the confidence to corner with ease and enjoy a smoother ride over uneven terrain. You can also say good-bye to fatigue even if you are on the road for 8 hours or more. Overloading can cause the rear of the vehicle to sag, thereby creating a higher center of gravity that causes the vehicle to sway back and forth when cornering. It also puts pressure on the overload springs leading to the risk of a rollover. However, by installing K-Mac anti-sway bars you can stray in full control of your vehicle and experience a remarkable improvement in stability without any fear while cornering your campervan, pickup truck, motor home, and even a racing car.
Anti-sway bars for every make and model
Anti-sway bar kits from K-Mac are easy to install and feature adjustable slides for maximum effectiveness and quicker response times. Restorers will find an incredible range of uprated or bolt-on anti-sway bar kits for just about every vehicle including 1950's Ford Custom, Anglia, Morris Minor, early Toyota and Datsun models, and many more. They can be also custom manufactured on request. These kits are manufactured in-house and come with a rock solid guarantee.
Durable and affordable kits from K-Mac
anti-sway bars are sport-tuned and manufactured with alloy steel bars and polyurethane bushings for a sharper response on turn-in. The tires stay flatter on the road, which results in better grip and driver control. Your car sits flatter through bends, thereby enhancing your comfort level with less movement inside the vehicle. For front wheel drives, increasing the size of the rear anti-sway bar can neutralize understeer. On the other hand, an increase in the size of the front sway bar can counteract oversteering. If you are looking for more value for your money then you ought to consider upgrading with K-Mac anti-sway bars.
Based in Rockdale, Sydney K-Mac is a leading manufacturer of after-market suspension products which includes a wide range of bolt-on camber and caster kits, replacement and adjustable bushings, anti-sway bars and coil springs (any height) for almost every brand of vehicle. K-Mac "in house" manufacture allows total control over quality and ongoing design updates.
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