Keep Your Office Clean and Healthy to Reduce Germs and the Spread of Sickness among Employees

By: Chris Robertson

If you're the owner or manager in an office environment, then you probably realize how quickly germs and sickness can spread among employees. And it seems that the more employees there are in an office, the more likely a virus or the flu bug will spread like wildfire. More sickness leads to more employee absences and slowed productivity. That's why it's important to keep your office environment clean and as germ-free as possible.

Are you in charge of hiring professional janitorial services for cleaning the office building after hours? If so, be sure the cleaners use disinfectant, germ-killing cleaning solutions in all the bathrooms and kitchen areas. Instruct them in how you want these areas cleaned so there's no question about cleanliness. Also, check behind them frequently to be sure they're doing a thorough job.

If your office is located in a larger office building, one in which you only rent a small office for your business, you can still check behind the cleaning service in the restroom areas and in your own office, and report any signs of neglect to the building's property manager.

Kitchen/Bathroom Cleaning

In the kitchen and bathroom areas of an office, there should be continual cleaning to ensure a germ-free environment. Even mirrors, faucet handles, napkin holders, and door handles (particularly those on bathroom stalls and entrance doors to the bathrooms) should be wiped down with a disinfectant cleaner. Toilets should be cleaned from top to bottom. If your office has a private kitchen or break area, you might assign cleaning chores to your employees to keep it clean on a daily basis. If everyone pitches in or rotates this assignment, it won't become a burden to any one individual.

Cleaning in the Office

Give employees an extra 15-minute break just for cleaning out their desk once a week. This will help desks stay neat and organized. Remind employees to keep their desks free of clutter so the after-hours cleaning crew can do their job thoroughly. Also, provide each employee with a bottle of hand disinfectant to keep at their desk so they can keep their hands germ-free while working with paperwork and office equipment throughout the day. This will help minimize the spread of germs, especially during flu/cold season. Place reminder signs at the bathroom and kitchen doors about washing hands.

Electronic items can harbor germs if dirty and dusty. Use a safe cleaning solution, such as an electronic cleaner, to reach all the hard spots without harming your electronic device. Electronic cleaners are designed to clean without harming wires or other electronic areas. These can also be used as a keyboard cleaner, auto cleaner or dashboard cleaner for work vehicles, and even as a household electronic cleaner.

Computer keyboards are where employees' hands touch every day - all day long! Keeping keyboards clean can help prevent the spread of germs throughout the office. Don't forget to wipe fax machines, phones, printers and other devices frequently with disinfectant during flu/cold season.

If employees often have food and drink at their desk, make sure they understand it has to be cleaned daily of any food crumbs or spills. Have them use spill proof containers, and ask them not to dispose of food in their desk trashcan. Food and drink containers should instead be disposed of in the kitchen trashcan.

Electronic cleaners and auto cleaners can be purchased online if you want to stock your office area with these. Encourage your employees to take a few extra steps daily to keep their work area clean and germ-free. It only takes a moment, and they will minimize sickness as well as improve their productivity!

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