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By: Fisher Musick

Carrying water in backpacks while going outdoors is cumbersome. Water can be a problem when you go camping, trekking or hiking. You cannot simply consume water from a spring or lake. Boiling doesn't really help to get rid of chemicals and other toxins in the water either. The Katadyn Combi offers the perfect solution to this problem. What the device does is help convert water, contaminated with bacteria, etc., into a drinkable form. Rather than carrying gallons of water with you, just carry this portable Combi and enjoy pure, drinking water anywhere you go.

Unlike other chemical based water purifiers, this device helps to retain the natural and fresh taste of water. Katadyn Combi has a silver impregnated ceramic constituent in its body, which gets rid of bacteria. What you can do is simply refill it a number of times with its active carbon cartridge. This cartridge also helps in getting rid of bacteria and protozoa. Apart from this, it further neutralizes the taste caused by chemicals in the water. If you want to attach the device to a pump or tap then the "PLUS" feature can be used. Just attach it to a water faucet and get pure water. It can be used in multiple applications, a boat, camper or even a cabin.

Along with the primary body of the filter, the Katadyn Combi comes with a Prefilter. It also comes with a carrying bag and a bottle adapter. The Combi not only has better features than other filters, it out performs them too, and it's able to provide up to 13,000 gallons of pure fresh water.

The 0.2 micron ceramic operating mode enables you to clean water taken from natural sources. These can be springs, rivers or even lakes. The reliable and water safe technology gets rid of even the tiniest bacterial forms from water. The 0.2 micron ceramic filter kills bacteria and other microorganisms that cause water-borne diseases including cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever, colibacillosis, amoebic dysentery, bilharciosis, etc.

The Katadyn Combi activated carbon or the ceramic combined granulates as it filters. You just have to insert the carbon cartridge into the water to get rid of harsh chemicals including chlorine and iodine. It also helps to get rid of herbicides and pesticides that are often found in natural water. So, what you get is odor-free, natural tasting water that is healthy and perfectly safe to drink. The device is amazingly affordable considering its utility value and portability, which makes it a great pick for anyone who loves outdoor trips and wants access to pure and fresh water anywhere they go.

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Fisher Musick is a writer who specializes in sports and outdoor recreation gear. You can check out his website at KatadynFilter, where he provides unbiased reviews and buying advice for water filtration applications, including the KatadynCombi, Katadyn Hiker and much more.

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